Monday, March 21, 2011

Are you going to sale that?

See all of that stuff? Well, chances are some it was probably mine.
Right now I'm sorting through a bunch of stuff. Not my stuff but the kids' stuff. Twice a year I participate in a Moms of Multiples sale where we (as members) are able to sell our gently used clothes, toys and anything else related to children. It's a great thing, but a ton of work. Sorting through everything, entering descriptions and prices, labeling with tags/pins and taping parts together is a lot of work! But this sale is two-fold.

See, I get to purge our house of all of our kids' stuff, but others are able to benefit from low prices on (mostly) quality things! The money that moms of multiples, as well as others (the sale opens to the public after multiples members are able to shop) save is incredible! Strollers, cribs, swings, high chairs-all things that sell for WELL below cost are available! It is really a great sale.

Inevitably the kids come downstairs and notice what I'm doing.
"Mommy? Are you going to sale that? (yes, it is "sale that" until I correct them)"
"Yes, I'm selling that."
"Oh, but I was still playing with it!"
"Really? You didn't even know it was down here, honey."
"Well, I guess. You can sale it. Then maybe a 2 or 3 or 4 year old could play with it just like I did."
At least they get it a bit. And they certainly WON'T miss some of their stuff.

So here I sit, with my (ahem) bottom asleep, entering my items, hoping that they sell on Saturday. So buy, people! Buy! Buy! Buy!


  1. My daughter is not so agreeable to my selling her things....if she sees something in a sale pile that she wants, she's quite aggressive about getting it back! So I make it easier for both of us, by hiding everything....

  2. Shoot...I have your stoller that I need to give back to you. Any chance you'll be in lakeville before the end of the week? If so let me know and I'll send it home with my dad on wed. Sorry kim that i've had it for so long