Sunday, March 27, 2011


If you were at our house earlier this morning you may have been asked this question:
"Will you play ______ with me?" Fill in the blank. You know, with any kids game you can imagine. We started with Chutes and Ladders
and then moved on to Candyland.
After a break for some breakfast it was on to Guess Who.
Finally we ended our game-playing morning with Uno.
Oh! I almost forgot...we tried to play Buckaroo, one of my purchases at the sale yesterday, but it didn't work like it was supposed to.
What I love about this is that you may have found just 2 of us playing a game together while the other 2 were playing a different game or you could have found all 4 of us playing the same one altogether. The kids do fairly well playing just the 2 of them too! C loves games the most out of all of us and tries, at any given moment, to get anyone to play with him. Often times J and I are trying to get a meal ready or are cleaning/picking up and he will ask so many times that all you can say is yes!

I think about the kids as they get older and how this could change. I think about how the video games will probably sneak into the rotation of games. I also think about how we, as parents, can continue this love of game playing with our kids. Games like Monopoly, Life, Clue or Sorry are perfect as the kids get older-obviously some earlier than others. Right now we have Friday night movie night, but we might have to change that to Friday night movie and game night. Just to keep this love of games going. I know there will be a time when the kids would rather be doing other things than playing a game with mom or dad. So right now I just have to say yes to playing a game with A or C as many times as I can!

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