Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Waiting for the Fast Pass time

Here I am, waiting. I really wish I was sleeping. It was that kind of day. The kind that makes you think, "Surely it's Friday!" But no. It's only Wednesday.

I'm waiting on Disney. Yes, I'm the crazy one, among thousands of crazy ones, waiting to book my Fast Passes online tonight. Disney's website says midnight, but that's eastern time. So really, I only have 26 more minutes to go. I thought, why not put it to good use!

We are so lucky to be heading to Disney again. I love Disney. My kids do too. I think secretly J does as well, though he won't really admit it. He does love Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I think it's because those aren't quite as thematic as the Magic Kingdom. We are headed there for 1 day. Yes, only one. We weren't even supposed to be going, but thanks to a silent auction, we are! The trip really centers around heading to my uncle's house at the beach. THAT will be relaxing. This will be exhausting, but so worth it.

A, C & I sat around the computer tonight making a list of the top 3 rides at each park we are going to:

Hollywood Studios:
Toy Story Mania
Rockin' Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror

Test Track
…I'm secretly excited about the countries. They'll be able to appreciate them a bit more now that they're 4 years older from the last time we went. And J has already said that's where we will find a good spot to sit down for lunch.

Magic Kingdom:
Haunted Mansion
Space Mountain
Snow White mine ride
Pirates of the Caribbean

I think we have a pretty good list going! The best part is, they would be completely satisfied if we went on these rides and nothing else. I love thinking about their reactions when they go on these rides. For the most part, these will all be new to them since they're taller. They've been talking about the Rockin' Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror the most.

We are so so lucky to have the means to do these things with our kids. I feel so grateful to have things like this trip to look forward to! Even if it means visiting Disney for only one day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Taste of the Tropics-Land of the North Style

Today we had a taste of the tropics. Yesterday too. It was lovely. It was wonderful. It was (almost) as if we were there! Like on a cruise with our friends or in St. Maarten with other friends or…you get the idea.
This is a place our kids have been begging to go to since they knew what it was. Let's say they were…3. We pass it every time we go to my parents' house while driving on the freeway. And when they were that little, they went to my parents' house once a week so Mom could watch them while we were at work. Every single time we would drive by it would be, "When can we go there? Why haven't we gone there before?" Up until a year or two ago my excuse was always along the lines of, "You have to be taller." or "You have to be older." Well, no more. No more excuses. And thanks to Mom and Dad, we were able to go there as a family. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. Said A & C.
If you ask what their favorite was, they'd probably say the family raft ride. That was a trip. I found out I don't like going backwards. As J says…where I don't have control. Going forward or sideways I was fine because I could see what was coming!
All of the slides were really fast! I even went on a body slide! That was a big step for me. The kids went on every single slide there was to go on. And many many times over. Going double on a slide was always a bonus because we got going really fast. I always screamed. And they always said, "Don't scream, Mommy!" I couldn't help it. 
Other highlights included the lazy river which is pictured above, the wave pool, and a splash area with smaller slides and other water features. A especially loved the wave pool, while C loved pretty much everything, especially the are where he could play basketball. A also went on a rope thing similar to this (which was in Oregon): 
It certainly takes balance and coordination to do that!
Of course I can't go on and on without mentioning our room. The kids thought it was great with bunk beds and their own night lights. They slept well, considering we were go-go-go until 10:00 when the place closed! We had a blast. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for giving us this gift where we were able to be together and make lots of memories! Now when we go by, they say, "We were there! Remember this and remember this!" They loved every minute of it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Disney Cruise!

Finally…I finished it.

I take forever because I want things to be just so. But I finally finished the book!

I'm posting this instead of writing about everything on the blog…that way I only write about it once!

Enjoy if you like!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

You are beautiful

I wrote this a few weeks back…just posting now…love you!
Dear Mom,

You are beautiful. Inside and out. I loved going to your house last week to watch you show off all of your new clothes. Wow! You are beautiful; not just because of the clothes, but because of everything about you.

You have confidence. Even though you may not always be confident every second of every day, I see it. I see it in the way you talk about decisions you've made. I see it in the way to go to every doctor appointment. I see it in the way you talk to me, to J, to the kids, to dad…

You have a glow. I know you're tired. I know you don't feel the best. But you still glow. You glow when others wouldn't. You glow when others would crawl back into bed (which might be what you want to do). But you glow and light up when we walk through the door, no matter where we are.

You bring happiness. To those who know you. You smile. You assume the best. You DON'T take things for granted the way others might. You bring the happy into so many people's lives.

You are everything I can only hope to be as I get older. You are my best friend. You are a listener. You are an encourager. I love you for everything I wrote about and more. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this either. Dad thinks this. J thinks this. The kids think this. We all know this to be true.

I just thought I'd share.

I love you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

These girls

These girls
are just too much.
I know her mom and I love them equally as if they were both our own. We often reminisce about that fateful day when we were at the back to school "ride the bus" gathering where Lori was listening to me tell someone who A had for a teacher. She came right into the conversation and said, "We do too!" That was it. That sealed the deal. Our girls have been the best of friends since that day. So have we!
God is always in the places you least expect. I didn't have many friends in the immediate area where we live. We've held on to long time friends. But that day. That fateful day brought me to Lori. There are so many reasons why God put us there together at that time. Some which we know, and some what are yet to be revealed. I'm so grateful to have a friend like you, Lori!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's Golf!

Today we golfed. We crossed one thing off our summer list. Hooray! It's crazy tomorrow is already the first day of July. That means when I say, "next month" it's the month we start school. But in the meantime we will play. Like today…
 Love this golf course for the real grass...

 Trying to make it go the right way!

 Great form!

 We came across many of these little guys. Clearly they are unfazed by us!
 And then a little fountain play!

We love summer days…especially in June. But we will love all of the ones yet to come!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

something I don't usually do

I did something I don't usually do today. I donated to something I don't know much about, but felt moved and pulled to donate to. It was in honor of my mom. To combat cancer with LOVE. Because in the end, LOVE WINS.

I was turned on to the Momastery blog by my friend, Lori. She kept posting things from the blog via Facebook and I was pulled in by the words she shared. They were always faith filled, inspirational words that helped move me through my day. This happened probably three or four times before I checked it out myself. Then I "liked" the page and now I get updates as they are posted.

Glennon, the woman behind Momastery is broken. Like all of us are. She shares her flaws. She shares her joys. She shares what most people would hide from anyone they could. Her words are filled with honesty and faith and love. She calls us all WARRIORS. And that's what we are in this world. Carrying on to do what's best for us in this messy life where, above all else, LOVE WINS (her words, not mine, but I might be making them mine now).

I was intrigued by a post she wrote yesterday about a Love Flash Mob. As I read it I thought, "Oh, that sounds nice. What amazing things she's been able to do through her blog/company/non-profit. Then I read today's post and was instantly drawn to the stories that were told. Today's Love Flash Mob was all about helping Mamas with cancer. You understand now, don't you?

So I did something I don't usually do and I donated to complete strangers. I'm usually more of the where-is-my-money-going-to-go kind of person. I mean I kind of know through the stories, but I don't really know. You know?

I donated in honor of my mom. Because I love her. And because I want to honor her. And because I want her to know I think about her all the time. And because I believe LOVE WINS, not cancer. Right, Mom? LOVE ALWAYS WINS. I love you. And thanks, Momastery, for giving us a place to honor those we love, even if it was in a small way today.