Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Writing Challenge

So I got an email from a friend of mine who passed along a challenge:

Write EVERY DAY in the month of March.

Right. Write?

Who has the time? Didn't I just say last week that I was going to post every night because I was so far behind on my posts. Yeah. Didn't happen. But really, it shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes to write something that I have on my mind. My trouble is that I wait until I've uploaded and edited my pictures and written all of my words just so; that's when I'm ready to put up my post. But see here, they give me permission JUST TO WRITE. That's it. Write. Don't make it pretty. Don't make it fancy. Just write.

If you've been following me since the beginning of this blog, you'll know that it was done as a part of a digital writing course. That was the main reason for starting it. Because I had to. Now it's turned into something more. It's definitely for me, J and my kids. I don't write for too many other reasons than to remember. Because I don't always remember. It started out as a place to write. That's what I plan to do in the month of March. Just write. Like "Just do it" by Nike. "Just write," By Me!

So here's to making a commitment to writing every day for the next month. My only question is this...can I count this as a part of my writing for the class I'm taking? Please?


So I had to write a follow-up post to A being sick. Just some funny things that were said...

"Mommy, I frowed up in my bed." Yes, just sitting there-no tears, just very matter of fact. She was so calm, which helped me to be calm as I got her into the tub at 2:00 in the morning. She continued to apologize as we were getting her bed ready and did the same thing at 4:30 when she was up again.

In the morning, she said to C, "I took a bath in the middle of the night." He said, "Really? I didn't even hear the water!" Funny. I'm glad kids are more resilient (sometimes) in situations like this when they're sick. Like I said, she was a "Happy Sick Girl!"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Sick Girl

I've never known a kid to be happy when they're sick. You can tell she isn't 100%-lots of sleep for her today! This little honey is pretty happy today, even though she has the stomach flu. Here's hoping she feels better soon!

The Beach

Trunk Bay in St. John-cruise 2006
Yes, that is where our family wishes we were. You know the saying, "If I had a penny for every time I heard...(or insert whatever type of money you wish) I would be rich!" That's true for us here when our kids talk about going to the beach. It is anything but The Beach here, where it has decided to snow another foot today. Our kids ask every day, if not multiple times a day, "When can we go to the beach?" Or, "Can we get on an airplane to see Florida Jim (my uncle) or go to Calnifornia (still working on how to say that one)?"
Beach in Cabo
In the car last week as we were coming home from my mom's, where we always see airplanes landing/taking off because we drive right by the airport, this was the conversation that could be heard:
A: Mommy, can we get on an airplane and go to the beach?
Me: Well, not now honey. It costs money to ride on an airplane and sometimes it can be expensive.
A: Well, I promise I won't touch anything. Really, I promise!--in response to the airplane ride being expensive
Me: No, it's the ticket that's expensive sweetie.
A: Oh...C, I think you and I should take our money from our piggie banks and put it together. Then we'd be able to go on an airplane to the beach!
C: Ok! Let's do that!
Beach in Yachats, Oregon
Needless to say, our kids are thinking of all possible ways to get themselves to the beach!
Flagler Beach, Florida...where Florida Jim & Kristi live! Wish we could come visit!

The cabin, summer, warm weather and the beach cannot come soon enough for all of us.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm gonna be a flower girl!

Yes, this little peanut of a girl is going to be Aunt Lisa's flower girl. No, she's not excited at all...
We went into the store and found about 5 dresses to try on. The first dress she put on-well, I don't remember what it looked like-but I remember her in the dressing room. She wanted nothing to do with coming out of the cramped quarters they called the dressing room. There were many others waiting outside for their brides trying on dresses. She didn't so much like the idea of coming out in front of strangers, which is funny if you know A. When we got to the second dress she came out of the room and spotted the podium-type things the brides-to-be stand on. So off she scampered to step up and twirl herself around. Then came the third dress and the fourth, which is the one she's in. I also loved the fact that every time she put the dresses on, she twirled, pulled her hands out to curtsy and grinned ear to ear.
I can hardly wait to see her in May!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When it's finally warm

we finally get to go outside! Hooray!
First we did a little playing outside on Saturday. It was so warm! I cannot remember the last day we had like that where I didn't feel like I had to be completely bundled. The kids had fun climbing on the snow pile in the driveway and enjoyed making brand-new footprints in the snow.
They even made their own mini snowman. We decided it was an OSU (for you, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Nick!) snowman with his orange hat and black scarf. It has been so warm over the last 2 days, though, that it melted so much today that it toppled over! Mamma and Papa even stayed for a while after taking A & C to a movie in the afternoon. It was so nice to have some fresh air!
Saturday we went to my cousin's house to do some snow tubing. It was so fun! Last year we went and it was VERY slick, but this time it was much better.
First J helped the kids make a snowman. I'm sure that one will be close to melting, too, just like the other one we made. They named it Frosty. Then it was over to the hill to do some tubing.
Last year I didn't fair so well. I ended up off my tube, about 3 feet in the air, with a huge bruise on my back. This time was so much fun, I went up and down the hill quite a few times! C was my tubing partner while J stuck with the girls. A went down by herself a few times and the last 2 times C went by himself too! I was a bit surprised about him, being the more cautious of the two, but not surprised in the least that A would try it by herself. After an hour and a half of up and down the hill, this is how we felt...
We all needed a little rest! The tow rope was broken so we had quite a hike from the bottom by the lake back up the hill. I even got C and I going down the hill on video!

Untitled from Kim on Vimeo.
Thanks, Jen, for having us. The kids (and J and I) had a blast! It was a great weekend to be outside! It should be the same for the rest of the week, too! Now if only winter would stay away for the next little while, things would be great. But of course I am preparing myself for the fact that we will get more snow. I guess it's just the nature of living where we do!

Monday, February 14, 2011

So Behind!

I am so behind. Yes, usually I'm good about posting once a week and if I'm lucky, more than once a week, but this month that hasn't been the case. When I looked to see the last time I posted I thought, "Yikes!" It was almost 3 weeks ago! Needless to say, I have lots to catch up on. Things like basketball, going to a school dance with the kids, going to a play, bowling, snow tubing...the list goes on and on! My goal for this week is a post a night. Not sure I'll be able to hold that up, but I'll try! That is in addition to my homework (which is more writing), being a mom, being a wife, working and so on. Life never slows down, does it?