Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Beach

Trunk Bay in St. John-cruise 2006
Yes, that is where our family wishes we were. You know the saying, "If I had a penny for every time I heard...(or insert whatever type of money you wish) I would be rich!" That's true for us here when our kids talk about going to the beach. It is anything but The Beach here, where it has decided to snow another foot today. Our kids ask every day, if not multiple times a day, "When can we go to the beach?" Or, "Can we get on an airplane to see Florida Jim (my uncle) or go to Calnifornia (still working on how to say that one)?"
Beach in Cabo
In the car last week as we were coming home from my mom's, where we always see airplanes landing/taking off because we drive right by the airport, this was the conversation that could be heard:
A: Mommy, can we get on an airplane and go to the beach?
Me: Well, not now honey. It costs money to ride on an airplane and sometimes it can be expensive.
A: Well, I promise I won't touch anything. Really, I promise!--in response to the airplane ride being expensive
Me: No, it's the ticket that's expensive sweetie.
A: Oh...C, I think you and I should take our money from our piggie banks and put it together. Then we'd be able to go on an airplane to the beach!
C: Ok! Let's do that!
Beach in Yachats, Oregon
Needless to say, our kids are thinking of all possible ways to get themselves to the beach!
Flagler Beach, Florida...where Florida Jim & Kristi live! Wish we could come visit!

The cabin, summer, warm weather and the beach cannot come soon enough for all of us.

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