Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm gonna be a flower girl!

Yes, this little peanut of a girl is going to be Aunt Lisa's flower girl. No, she's not excited at all...
We went into the store and found about 5 dresses to try on. The first dress she put on-well, I don't remember what it looked like-but I remember her in the dressing room. She wanted nothing to do with coming out of the cramped quarters they called the dressing room. There were many others waiting outside for their brides trying on dresses. She didn't so much like the idea of coming out in front of strangers, which is funny if you know A. When we got to the second dress she came out of the room and spotted the podium-type things the brides-to-be stand on. So off she scampered to step up and twirl herself around. Then came the third dress and the fourth, which is the one she's in. I also loved the fact that every time she put the dresses on, she twirled, pulled her hands out to curtsy and grinned ear to ear.
I can hardly wait to see her in May!

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