Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Today is Halloween...I hope you had a great day! It's always nice when it lands on a weekend because I feel like the day isn't so rushed. We still had a full day, that's for sure! We carved all 4 of our jack 'o lanterns this afternoon. We headed to the zoo for the first time during Halloween do do trick-or-treating during Hall-ZOO-ween. We even saved time for trick-or-treating on our block when we got back! It was a very full day, but the kids did great!

Last year things were a little different. It's funny because when I went back to read about it I thought to myself, "Wow! I really downplayed just how hard trick-or-treating was last year!" That's about all I do remember from last year-meltdown after meltdown by C. This year was definitely different. We went during the members only time today which made things a bit less crowded. We still had to wait, but there were tables every so often with "treats." It was nice that they didn't give out only candy-we had enough of that already before today! We met our friends there-A & C were happy to have their friend Connor there.

After the zoo we came back home and went up and down our street. My parents were at our house and stayed to pass out candy-thanks! They kept track of the kids we had at our house-something they did when I was a kid-and I think we had about 50 kids! That is many more than we had in the past. The kids loved going on our street (of course) and called it their "real" trick-or treating. We were on the later side of trick-or-treating so many of the houses we went to gave the kids more than one or two pieces of candy. A was in heaven at the homes where she got to pick (as many as she wanted...). It was a much more calm experience than last year. I hope it keeps going like this as they get older! Before we know it, as J said, "In a few years they'll be running all around with their friends, not really needing us like they do now!" I just hope that doesn't come too soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are they going to throw candy?

Yes, we were at another parade. Perhaps you remember this post about a parade from earlier in the summer. In case you don't, the jist of it is this: I love parades! And, I have passed this love to my kids. Not so much to J, but he goes along for the ride because he loves us. At least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway, this parade was the homecoming parade. We went with some friends to see the band, the clubs from the high school and the homecoming court. One of our babysitters was on the court, so the kids loved seeing her!

There were pom-poms to cheer with and yes, there was candy to be eaten. That was the biggest concern with our kids. We had some tears by C with the first handful of candy thrown because he didn't get any. They were the kind of tears you try not to smile at because he's trying so hard NOT to cry (maybe it's a boy thing?), and then the tears come out like alligator tears. Oh Buddy! But, never fear, the "big kids" around him helped him out and he got plenty of candy in the end.
Oh-and did I say there were cheerleaders in the parade too? This was by far A's favorite part. Can you tell?
I love being around a community that still has this tradition of having a homecoming parade. It makes it feel so small-town, even though we live in such a big area. We have definitely made the parade a tradition with our family.

A Day at the Zoo

A few weeks ago we went to the zoo. This isn't anything new for us, as we love going to the zoo! This was the first time the kids went in with the goats. At first they weren't too sure about it, but after about 2 minutes, C was giving hugs all around!

This was a time when they had Scarecrow Alley up for everyone to see. People can use their creativity and come up with any scarecrow they like. This year the first place scarecrow was an octopus. It was so creative! Pretty sure I would never be able to come up with something like that.
We wondered around the farm a bit and found some chicken hats for the kids. There was a mini corn maze to wonder through and huge pumpkins to sit on (which is easier said than done!). We had a great time with our friends Connor and Caden!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are we crazy?

Yes. That's what I've decided. We are crazy because we're trying to plan a trip to Disney for next summer and I'm already dreaming about it. That's how I decided I'm crazy. Notice how I said "I'm crazy" as I'm writing this? It's because I don't know that J will ever be grouped into the crazy category with me as we plan the trip. We'll see...

So far I'm a bit overwhelmed with the hotel choices. The thought of waiting in line for rides with our kids makes me wonder a bit. I know others have done it and many people go to Disney when their kids are 1 or 2, so us going when the kids are 5 doesn't seem so bad.

I just had to document these early planning days so that next summer when I really am frantic in planning, I'll know how it all started...planning a trip for our family, my parents and J's parents. It will be great!!! And I can hardly wait for it to come-no matter how crazy it drives me!

He's Just Like That... husband, that is. He's just like that. I don't know how else to put it. This week we had our usual fall break from school. We had talked about going to Duluth for a night, but then decided against it because it was just a little far to go for one night. So instead J found another place for us to stay-Stillwater. He picked the place we stayed and made dinner reservations. He's just like that!
We stayed at the Ann Bean mansion for the night. I had never stayed at a place like that before (a bed and breakfast, that is). We were in the Tower Room which had this little set of steps that lead to a little "tower" at the top of the house. When we were up there we were 4 stories up in the house! Our breakfast was brought to us and we at it up there. Who has creme brulee on a Thursday morning with breakfast?? Well, that would have been us! Just look at this feast we had...I just couldn't resist!

We also shopped a bit and enjoyed lunch in downtown Stillwater. It was so fun just to walk around on a sunny (and windy!) fall morning. Thanks to J for being just like that-to plan something like this for the two of us just because! Love you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing About Writing

Today, as I am typing this, my class is watching me write! We are talking about writing about ourselves. I try to write about myself and my family a few times a week. My class writes about 4 times during the week. We are learning how to write stories about ourselves. What stories will you write about yourself? Maybe you remember a story from when you were little. Maybe you remember a story from the weekend. Maybe it's your birthday today and you're going to write about people singing a mixed-up Happy Birthday song to you. Whatever you choose, Happy Writing!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Poke in the Eye

So today is the first day since A & C have been in school that we've had to have "a talk." This talk was with C...and it was about poking people in the eye. Yes, it turns out that C has been poking a few kids in the eye. Why? I'm not quite sure. It's one of those things you never want to hear about as a parent. You never want it to be your child that is getting in trouble at school or is hurting other kids. Not that you want it to be anyone, but really not your own kid.

J & I had a conversation with C today in the kitchen and went over the usual...keep your hands to yourself, use your words not your actions, etc. It's hard to have this conversation with him because what does he do? Smile. Yes, smile. That is his coping mechanism, which I have to tell myself over and over again. It can be hard to keep a straight face myself. It can also be hard not to raise my voice to show how serious we are. We only hope he's really listening when we're talking. Is that possible for a 4 year old?

We'll see how the next few days play out. Can I make excuses for him? Sure...he was over tired. He is sick. He saw someone else do it first. It's really easy to blame other things. You never want to think it's your fault. I even said to J, "What happened? What did we do wrong?" Then I have to realize that (I hope) it's nothing we've done or haven't done. It's another teaching point. It's a time to take what has happened and help C to learn about what to do the next time. I really hope he can learn in his 4-year-old self...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you remember the first rainbow you saw? Nope. Neither do I. Of course the kids know a lot about rainbows. They've read books about them. They've seen pictures of them. They know the colors in them. Rainbows are things most kids know about. But, have they actually seen one? Well, ours hadn't until this past weekend.
Yup. This was it! We had a rain shower move through while we were at the cabin. It was short and sweet and the rain rained while the sun shined. I thought "Hmmm...I bet there's a rainbow out there!" Sure enough. So I called the kids over to see it. They loved it! They were amazed (it seemed) that they could really see all of the colors. I loved hearing their reactions!

Just today C said, "Hey Mommy! Remember that big rainbow we saw? Wasn't that neat?" I love that a simple thing like a rainbow can bring such joy to a child.

Pumpkin Pickin'

We were a pumpkin pickin'
gourd gettin'
track searchin'
fall weather enjoyin'
family this day! Have you picked your "punkins" yet?

When I Grow Up

We've had many conversations lately about what we're going to be when we grow up. And by we, I mean the kids...sometimes I do wonder though!

Here is what C's conversation sounds like (every single time!):
"When I get bigger like Daddy, I'm going to be a Race Car Driver, a Mountain Climber and a Skier." That's how it goes every single time with him!

From A's standpoint it changes depending on what we've been talking about, where we've been or what she's learned about lately. Here are some of the more recent sayings from her:
"When I get bigger I'm going to be a Teacher, and a Dancer and a Flower Planter."
"When I get bigger I'm going to be a Gymnastics Teacher."
"When I get bigger I'm going to be a Gardener and an Artist."

I am so curious to hear what else they decide they are going to be as they get older. It is so fun to hear all they have to say!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A day with Daddy!

I love my husband. Have I mentioned that before? I do...I love him so much! We have been married 9 years and have loved every second of it (I think...)!

I not only love him as a husband, but I also love him as a daddy. There was a day in September when I was getting ready for the sale, and he took the kids for the whole day to do a "Day with Daddy."

They started out Bachman's where there was a little fall festival happening. They had make your own scarecrow. Poor J, his allergies really acted up as the 3 of them took the hay and stuffed the scarecrow. The head got a little big, but that's the way A & C wanted it! Here they are with their scary scarecrow faces!They decorated paper apples for a fall tree at the store. There was a corn maze to go through. The kids had a chance to do pumpkin bowling. They also got to ride little tractors.
Then it was off to the apple orchard. This is the same orchard that we have visited every year, as you can see... Were we really THAT tired when they were 2 months old??? And yes, we did put her in a basket, and no, she didn't like it!!! Here they are at about 15 months... And then at 2 years old. We missed last year-Back to this year...They picked yummy Honeycrisp apples (my favorite!), went on a little tractor ride, climbed a huge pile of hay and went through a hedge maze. Daddy was the star that day! Not just for taking them to all of those places, but just for being the kind of daddy that loves to be with his kids and spend time with them. I know dads are supposed to be that way...but I also know they're not always that way. Thank you, J, for being the kind of dad that our kids love, and me too!

Ear Plugs

The next time we go to a concert (which doesn't happen very often), remind me that I need to bring ear plugs. A few weeks ago we were able to go to the Dave Matthews concert. It is one of the few bands that we are (what I suppose you would call) loyal fans. We have been to Alpine Valley for many outdoor DMB concerts, and wish that we had an outdoor venue here, but we don't, so we enjoy what we have! It was a treat this time because Tim Reynolds was playing guitar with the band this time around. That doesn't happen every concert. He is phenomenal!
We had great seats, as you can tell! I love hearing their music and I'm sure it will never get old. I'm lucky to have a husband who likes similar music...and friends, too! We had a great time!