Saturday, October 23, 2010

He's Just Like That... husband, that is. He's just like that. I don't know how else to put it. This week we had our usual fall break from school. We had talked about going to Duluth for a night, but then decided against it because it was just a little far to go for one night. So instead J found another place for us to stay-Stillwater. He picked the place we stayed and made dinner reservations. He's just like that!
We stayed at the Ann Bean mansion for the night. I had never stayed at a place like that before (a bed and breakfast, that is). We were in the Tower Room which had this little set of steps that lead to a little "tower" at the top of the house. When we were up there we were 4 stories up in the house! Our breakfast was brought to us and we at it up there. Who has creme brulee on a Thursday morning with breakfast?? Well, that would have been us! Just look at this feast we had...I just couldn't resist!

We also shopped a bit and enjoyed lunch in downtown Stillwater. It was so fun just to walk around on a sunny (and windy!) fall morning. Thanks to J for being just like that-to plan something like this for the two of us just because! Love you!

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