Monday, October 31, 2011

Boogity! Boogity!

It's that time of year again. The time of year when I put on about 5 pounds thanks to all of the kids' candy that's around the house and my sneaking a piece or 5 because they'll never notice that it's gone.
Ok, well other than that, it's really the time of year to say, "Trick-or-treat!" "Thank you!" and "Mom, can I have a piece of candy?" (which at some point, thanks in part to persistence, I give in and say yes because sometimes that's easier.)

It was a great evening to go trick-or-treating around here. Nice weather, no wind and kids in good moods all make for an easier night for moms and dads. It does get easier, too, as the kids get older. J & I were remembering a Halloween 2 years ago when I thought I wasn't going to make it. C was running down the street, trying to keep up with the other kids (who were older-he was only 3) and was in complete hysterics about the whole thing!
This year was a bit different.
Calm kids, using manners, smiling faces, happy about candy they was a very fun night for all of us!

And, we shared it with some good friends, which made it all the better!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The last one of the year

It's always bittersweet to go to the cabin that last time before we "close" it. One last sleepover. One last fire. One last ski (for my dad!). One last boat ride. One last fire. There are always those last things we do. This weekend was no different.

We are so very lucky to have a place like the cabin to go to most weekends during the summer. We spend A LOT of time there as a family. The funny thing about it is that J and I didn't really understand or know how much we loved it until we had the kids. I mean we can say we did, but really, I don't know that we did. There is no other place we would rather be on a gorgeous summer weekend. Sure, we miss things along the way-gatherings, concerts, sporting events-but I'm sure we were enjoying a sunset, taking one last tube run, roasting marshmallows or swatting bugs (ok, that last one isn't so fun, but...).

As it was again this weekend, enjoying one last boat ride. Driving the boat one last time. Catching bugs (or seagulls?!) one last time. Eating snacks one last time. Showing smiles one last time. Feeling the breeze one last time. Being at the cabin one last time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Are you afraid of...

I'm not. But only because they're mine. We got crafty at the cabin this weekend. It was a little rainy and a bit brisk so Mamma decided to get crafty. "Mamma, can you cut some holes out for me?" "Sure, what are you going to be?" "A ghost." That turned into a bunch of white paper that was about to be taped together. Instead, out came the paper bags.
I love that it is the simple things that can bring so much joy to kids. A & C were so very excited to get those paper bags on. Then the "oooOOOooo's" came out. (Imagine that going from quiet to loud and quiet again.) They were giddy to surprise Papa and Daddy with their scary masks. They each waited for the other to finish.
And then,
the ghosts were loose! Beware!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

16 years ago

What was your first kiss like? No, not your first kiss when you were in fourth grade (I remember that one too). I mean your first kiss with your forever one. Like J. It was 16 years ago today that we had our first kiss. It was one of those that I remember because I think we both wished it would have happened earlier. Both of us had gone to the Homecoming dance with someone else that year; J because he thought I would have said no, and me because I didn't have a date and went with a friend. Funny how we both thought similar things about each other.

How many of you are still with the same person you kissed 16 years ago? And those of you married for 16 years or more don't count. Sorry! I guess the question would be how many of you are with the same person you kissed when you were 16? It's a rarity. It's one of those things that people find out when we meet someone new: "So, how did you guys meet? College? Work?" "No, high school." "Oh, you went to high school together?" "Yeah, we've actually been together since high school." "Really?! That's a long time!" 

Yup. It's a long time. 

I think about it every year on October 19th. I'm glad we kissed. I'm even more happy about the fact that J picked me. When you think about how many other people he could have picked...

Here's to you, J, 16 years later. I love you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Home!

I heard this and saw this many times this weekend. It was nice to "be home!"
All of us Cobbers (yes, as in corn cobs) went back for a busy homecoming weekend. It was my 10th reunion with my fellow classmates, so us girls decided to go back. I loved the drive as we came upon campus-seeing the balloons and streamers adorning lampposts everywhere,
signs around with "Let's Go Cobbers!" new buildings and old buildings-everything is familiar. We hadn't been back for Homecoming in about 6 or 7 years and it was just as I remembered.
There was a breakfast gathering, a visit to the bookstore, a walk around campus-where I checked to see if my old education professors were still there...and all of them are-a parade, a football game, and finally, a reunion gathering.
As we were on campus I really remembered how much I loved college. Walking the path I used to take my freshman and sophomore year; going through the Echo Spot where you stand in the middle and the sound really does echo back to you; walking under The Bell Tower with J-because the "legend" goes that whoever you walk under it with is who you would marry; going through the library and remembering walking with girlfriends to see what boys were studying where; going to the new student center wishing I went there now because it's pretty amazing; driving past our house we lived in our junior and senior year and wondering what happened with the family that used to live on the main floor...These are just a few things that came back this weekend.
I also thought a lot about our kids. I pictured them in college some day. I thought about A & C going from class to class, eating meals (which are a lot better than what we had to eat!) and doing the things we did. It will be so much different for them from even what I saw this weekend. I also thought about how to pay for it all. Geez! College is expensive, for those of you who haven't noticed. Crazy! My hope is we can support them in whatever way they choose.
College. It's a great place to be. As a student. As a parent (thanks mom and dad!). As alumni. It was great to be "home" this weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Follow me to college!

Follow me to college!

Yes, I think we will! Love that this is the back of the kids' school shirts this year. They'll wear them every Friday, where I will remember one of my goals for them: to be a supportive an encouraging parent in order to set them up for success in school so they can go to college. It's a huge goal, but one I'm we're ready to undertake.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaves and a Friend

Playing in the leaves never gets old. Especially when you're 5 years old. any age. Today was a play-in-the-leaves sort of day. You would never know it by the 80 degree temperature. Yes, 80 degrees on October 8th. That hardly ever happens here. Especially for 6 consecutive days. Either way, it was a good day to rake 1. because the yard was completely covered and 2. because it was a really nice day!

Playing in the leaves is twice as much fun when you have a best friend to do it with. That's just what happened yesterday. See this friend is the son of some long time friends, and C had been asking and asking when Connor could come over. Well, yesterday was it and they had a blast! Leaves, coloring, playing at the park-we did it all and wore them out! I know they all slept well last night. Thanks for playing on this beautiful (warm) fall day!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I lost a tooth!

Delayed. Behind the times. Forgot. Distracted. Call it what you will, but I will say I forgot to write about my son losing his first tooth. My excuse is because it happened on J's birthday. Here was the order of events...I remember it like it was yesterday!

C realized he had a a loose tooth the night of September 9th. He was sitting on the toilet-no, I can't remember if he was going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, or just sitting there-and was kind of smiling at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "My tooth is loose!" Just like that. And I mean really loose. It seems to be the pattern that takes place with our kids. They have a loose tooth and they lose it the next day. That's exactly what happened with C.

September 10th was J's birthday. C worked on his tooth throughout the day, but not to the point where I thought it would fall out. We went to Punch Pizza for dinner that night. And C wasn't eating. I knew he felt ok, but I couldn't figure out why he wasn't eating. Then I saw the tooth. He wiggled it and wiggled it until he finally had it to the point where I could see the bottom of the tooth. Crazy.
We all kept eating our pizza and pretty soon he pulled it out, "I lost my tooth!" Sure enough, Buddy. You did!
 He was so proud that he had pulled it himself. He's a big kid, now, right? I think that's what happens when you lose a tooth. And now, since I waited so long to write about it, he lost a second tooth yesterday...while eating a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles. Fitting for my son!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parade! (again)

I'm curious to go back through the blog to see how many times I've written about parades. I know it's been more than 2 or 3 times. But that's ok, right? This is a fun parade because it's all about community.
I love this parade. It's not even a parade that takes place in the city we live in, but it's close by.
We're there because we have friends in the community along with other ties of our own.
This parade has that small town-middle America-feel to it. The band, cheerleaders,
dance team, various middle school and high school clubs; Homecoming court in their white dresses ride on the back of convertibles (where we decided it was the only place you'd see a Bentley with high school students riding and waving to the crowd)...these are the things that make up this parade. Candy was thrown. Babysitters were seen (in the band and as a cheerleader). Ears were plugged (the band was a bit loud for our kids...still?!).
A good time was had by all!
I love a parade. This parade is great. It's short. It's sweet (literally, with candy). It's not hot. It's all about community!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Training wheels off.
She gets on.
Holding her neck.
Balance on the bike.
Ready, set, go!

Turn around.
Go back.
Try again.
Let go.
You're going!

I did it, Mommy!
Yes, you did, Love.
Let's do it again!
Yes, let's try it again!

Tries it
Peddling faster
Balancing shoulders
Looking straight
Going forward

Daddy lets go
You smile big
Faster and faster
Confidence in motion
We are proud!
Just watch us go!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Letter

It's never to early for love. You know, the first love letter is the first impression. I'm not sure if "Olivea" feels the same way. We'll have to wait and see. Although C was a little bummed that he couldn't bring the note to her at school when I told him, "No." The look of disappointment on his face was priceless. Just the first in a long line of love letters, I'm sure!
...did you notice the eyelashes? Just checking!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Fun

Today was a day for family. We need those every now and then. Although it was a full day, it was a fun day, and I love every single second of it.
The day began with a little soccer, YMCA style. The kids love it and they are SO much better than they were last year. I love watching them with their friend, Audrey, who is the best cheerleader for A & C. "Turn it, C, turn it!" "Go A, good try!"
C scored a goal from about 10 feet away on the left side of the goal. A almost had a goal 2 different times. Of course A loved the water breaks, but they have been less and less as they've been better at playing and enjoying the game.

Next it was on to smoothies, outside time at home, a little VeggieTales and more play time. We had a big night planned for everyone, too.

We went to Edina Grill for dinner-one of our favorite places to eat. I love places that are kid-friendly. Here they split the kids' meal (they shared) for us and I'm pretty sure it was the same as what one meal would have been by itself. The kids were great at the restaurant, which also helps! Then it was on to the theater!
We went to the Children's Theater tonight for a show we all loved: "Mercy Watson to the Rescue!" If you don't know the story of Mercy Watson, you should really read one of the books. Mercy is a pig who loves toast! When we had intermission, we had some snacks and there were cookies in the shape of toast!
The stage also looked like toast, which C noticed right away.
I love taking the kids to live theater shows. The laughter that comes from them along with the questions or out-loud comments (right in the middle of the show) are what make the show for me. Too funny.
We had a great day today. Even though we were super busy (which you know I secretly love), we all loved it. It was a perfect family day. And we're all perfectly exhausted!