Saturday, October 8, 2011

I lost a tooth!

Delayed. Behind the times. Forgot. Distracted. Call it what you will, but I will say I forgot to write about my son losing his first tooth. My excuse is because it happened on J's birthday. Here was the order of events...I remember it like it was yesterday!

C realized he had a a loose tooth the night of September 9th. He was sitting on the toilet-no, I can't remember if he was going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, or just sitting there-and was kind of smiling at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "My tooth is loose!" Just like that. And I mean really loose. It seems to be the pattern that takes place with our kids. They have a loose tooth and they lose it the next day. That's exactly what happened with C.

September 10th was J's birthday. C worked on his tooth throughout the day, but not to the point where I thought it would fall out. We went to Punch Pizza for dinner that night. And C wasn't eating. I knew he felt ok, but I couldn't figure out why he wasn't eating. Then I saw the tooth. He wiggled it and wiggled it until he finally had it to the point where I could see the bottom of the tooth. Crazy.
We all kept eating our pizza and pretty soon he pulled it out, "I lost my tooth!" Sure enough, Buddy. You did!
 He was so proud that he had pulled it himself. He's a big kid, now, right? I think that's what happens when you lose a tooth. And now, since I waited so long to write about it, he lost a second tooth yesterday...while eating a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles. Fitting for my son!

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