Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Home!

I heard this and saw this many times this weekend. It was nice to "be home!"
All of us Cobbers (yes, as in corn cobs) went back for a busy homecoming weekend. It was my 10th reunion with my fellow classmates, so us girls decided to go back. I loved the drive as we came upon campus-seeing the balloons and streamers adorning lampposts everywhere,
signs around with "Let's Go Cobbers!" new buildings and old buildings-everything is familiar. We hadn't been back for Homecoming in about 6 or 7 years and it was just as I remembered.
There was a breakfast gathering, a visit to the bookstore, a walk around campus-where I checked to see if my old education professors were still there...and all of them are-a parade, a football game, and finally, a reunion gathering.
As we were on campus I really remembered how much I loved college. Walking the path I used to take my freshman and sophomore year; going through the Echo Spot where you stand in the middle and the sound really does echo back to you; walking under The Bell Tower with J-because the "legend" goes that whoever you walk under it with is who you would marry; going through the library and remembering walking with girlfriends to see what boys were studying where; going to the new student center wishing I went there now because it's pretty amazing; driving past our house we lived in our junior and senior year and wondering what happened with the family that used to live on the main floor...These are just a few things that came back this weekend.
I also thought a lot about our kids. I pictured them in college some day. I thought about A & C going from class to class, eating meals (which are a lot better than what we had to eat!) and doing the things we did. It will be so much different for them from even what I saw this weekend. I also thought about how to pay for it all. Geez! College is expensive, for those of you who haven't noticed. Crazy! My hope is we can support them in whatever way they choose.
College. It's a great place to be. As a student. As a parent (thanks mom and dad!). As alumni. It was great to be "home" this weekend!

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