Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More than half-way

Did you know I challenged myself at the beginning of the month? Well, I did. I challenged myself to write (at least) a 6-word story every single day in August. I think I've hit every day except two. Pretty good, right?! Please say right. Thanks.

Writing does things for me that working out does for other people. It's like a release. I get to quickly type out my thoughts, usually then publishing them right away. I'm not the type of writer who hims and haws at what I've written, wondering what I could/would/should change. Nope. I'm not that type of writer.

I'm the kind that can hardly wait to get my thoughts out before I forget what it was that I wanted to write about. I've even been known to text/email friends about the post, crossing my fingers that they'll get back to me by the time I'm to the end so I can add in whatever it was I forgot. See, there are others that write, edit, write some more, make sure everything is perfect, maybe edit some more again, and THEN publish. Not me.

Writing is a sprint. A thoughtful sprint. I suppose I do my pre-writing as the day goes on or as I'm in the moment. Like the post about our bike ride on Friday...I did my pre-"writing" as I was riding my bike, following my family, taking pictures as we went, thinking in my head about what pictures I needed so I could do the writing I wanted. Everyone has their own way-that's mine!

If you've been following along for the month, thank you! If you haven't, you have a month full of 6 word stories (or more) to catch up on! I hope I can finish my challenge...stick with me to find out!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Bike Ride

Family bike ride around Lake Harriet!
We checked another thing off our summer "to do" list today. We rode around Lake Harriet today.
Woo-hoo! It was great! If only you could have been a little bird around our house this summer, you would know that our kids asked about every single day, "Can we go on a bike ride around Lake Harriet today?" Usually the answer was no, simply because it was too hot this summer! We are finally in a nice stretch of weather around these parts, where we have enjoyed temperatures around 70 degrees; perfect bike riding weather for a pair of 6 year olds!
We started out on the sound side of the lake where we made our way to our first stop, the Fairy House. At least that's what we call it in our family.
Others call it an elf tree. There is a tree, as you see, that has a door at the base. It opens and there you can leave things for the fairy: notes, jewels, flowers-anything kids (and adults) wish to leave.
We haven't ever left anything for the elf/fairy, but from what I've read, all notes are answered! About 1500 a year to be exact! Hopefully that will be another post...but that was our first stop on our bike ride.
After one more break,

we were finally to our half-way point where they were motivated to get to because I said there was a prize. We parked our bikes and I had little eyes peering up at me, wondering where the prize was. In comes ice cream! Did you have any doubt? I didn't think so. Ice cream cones eaten, and we were on our way back to the car, with not too far to go.

Did I mention how well A & C did while riding around? Fantastic. WAY better than I thought they would have done. We were in single file the whole way,
because many a bike riders (and rollerbladers-who knew?) were going far faster than we were.
In the end, the kids requested that the next time we go we make 2 laps because 1 laps was far too easy. Note taken, my seasoned bike riders. 2 laps it is next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A visit to the dentist

Kids leave dentist with smiling teeth!

It was a good visit...and I'm SO thankful for that!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Pics

Love family pictures by sweet friend.
Want to see more? Check us out here
Thanks, Em!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun for all!

Summer day filled with fun for all!

Today was another great summer day! Albeit the weather turned out to be WAY different than the meteorologists had predicted (do they know anything??), we made the most of it anyway. See, summer is supposed to be filled with lots of outside play with friends, filled with laughter, trying new things, swimming, playing games...you get it, right? That's exactly what today was and our kids loved every minute of it.
The day began with a playdate for C with one of his favorite friends from kindergarten. It was a Wii playing, TV watching, playhouse playing, Lucky Charm eating filled morning. Then we move to the afternoon where we swam, jumped off diving boards, slid down slides, sat on fountains, swam with Barbies, dove for rings, and tired ourselves out...that being the kids because it was raining during some of this time, which didn't phase the kids at all! See for yourself...
Then on to more play and dinner with good company.
Kids on one side of the table, which worked out well because we could wedge them in-no escaping here!
Then on to a movie night with a dessert stop half way through-ice cream, of course.

See, these are the days I want to remember when we are full-board into school and activities; when we don't have a moment to spare to even think about what we could be doing or were doing in the summer. You know those days, when they seem so scheduled we're not even sure of what's next.

I want to remember these summer days with swimming, playing, jumping, laughing, sharing, eating and being together. Thank goodness for friends and family that make days like this possible.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Cleaning upstairs with my husband tonight.

***I didn't say all of my 6-word stories were going to be interesting!!***

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coldplay Concert!

The Coldplay concert did not disappoint!

This weekend we were lucky enough to go to the Coldplay concert in town. It was our second such concert-we went the last time they were on tour and vowed never to miss a show, no matter what it took to see them. So, we saved our money, bought our tickets and here we were...
It was AMAZING!! The night started off with thousands of LED lighted bracelets going off with the first song. Can you see all of those little lights? Red, yellow, pink, white, green and blue...all going off together or flashing as the songs were played throughout the night. It really was a genius idea.
Our bracelets were blue and pink, respectively. The crowd roared any time they went on. There was definitely an element of surprise there.
The stage was awesome! There was a longer walkway that led to an "X" in the middle of the floor. It was great because we had some speakers hanging in our way (as you can see below), so we loved it when they moved around. And move they did! If you've ever seen them, Chris Martin doesn't stay in one spot very long. He's a mover and a shaker!
Confetti was everywhere throughout the show. At the beginning, that's what kicked off the show: thousands of pieces of confetti fell from the ceiling and came shooting out of fan-tubes (super technical, aren't I?). There were also huge inflated balls that fell during the second song, giving the crowd something to do. It was crazy!
Like I said, the band moves around a lot. There were 3 different pianos that Chris Martin played at during the night: one on the main stage, one in the middle of the "X," (in that black space-it came up out of the floor), and one in the crowd...
This was during the first few songs of their encore. They were about 5 sections over from us on the lower level, playing on a stage in the middle of the crowd. I kept thinking to myself, "How can I get tickets that are right there next time?"
The show was amazing. We loved every minute of it. We can't wait to go again. And, I'm in love with Chris Martin my husband who took me to the concert! (But secretly I do really like Martin...who wouldn't?!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Celebrating sixty years of committed love!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Library Ride

First bike ride to library today!

We rode our bikes to the library today! I'm not sure exactly how far it is, but I bet it's about a mile there. We're trying to build our stamina to be able to ride around Lake Harriet. That's still a goal for the summer. The kids have been asking since the beginning of the summer (already 2 months ago!). This was good practice today. There were hills and a few breaks, but the kids still did great!

After picking out books, they got them in their backpacks and proceeded to ask us to wear them home. The limit was 6 books, but the bags were still pretty heavy!

I love trying new things like this with the kids. Today's bike ride was C's idea. He was so proud of it and so surprised to hear me say, "Yes!" to riding bikes. It was the best of both worlds, really, because A wanted to go to the library and C wanted to ride bikes. That's how he came to bringing both together. Love those kids. Love that they love books and love that they love bikes! Doesn't get much better!

And so continues my days of writing 6 word stories...have you read them all yet?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Froggy Boy

Boy with frog melts my heart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lake Soccer Game

Serious game of soccer at lake.
This weekend we were at the lake (like most weekends, luckily!). The kids were a little restless because it wasn't warm enough to swim so Papa suggested a game of soccer to C. He took to it right away!
Papa and C were playing against each other to start. Then she came along...
to be the coach. C then said, "Well, she's a pretty bossy coach, ya know." She had no contest with that, which was hilarious!
Not to be left out, she soon joined the game with Papa and Daddy at the goals.
Yes, that is the goal. The chair. They had to get the ball under the chair. Not so big. It made for an exciting game!
C often thought it was a wrestling match, tackling his sister. But having been with him all her life, she's used to it!

Daddy and A getting their game face on, ready to face C and Papa...
The game continued into the evening, past the sunset behind the clouds.
C got ready for one last chance at a goal to win the game for he and Papa, but...the game stayed tied at 3-3. I'm sure this is not the last time we will be seeing a game of soccer at the lake. Perhaps a new favorite activity?!

Monday, August 6, 2012

First long rope waterski

A waterskis first with Papa's help.

 Now C's turn: ski and wave!