Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lake Soccer Game

Serious game of soccer at lake.
This weekend we were at the lake (like most weekends, luckily!). The kids were a little restless because it wasn't warm enough to swim so Papa suggested a game of soccer to C. He took to it right away!
Papa and C were playing against each other to start. Then she came along...
to be the coach. C then said, "Well, she's a pretty bossy coach, ya know." She had no contest with that, which was hilarious!
Not to be left out, she soon joined the game with Papa and Daddy at the goals.
Yes, that is the goal. The chair. They had to get the ball under the chair. Not so big. It made for an exciting game!
C often thought it was a wrestling match, tackling his sister. But having been with him all her life, she's used to it!

Daddy and A getting their game face on, ready to face C and Papa...
The game continued into the evening, past the sunset behind the clouds.
C got ready for one last chance at a goal to win the game for he and Papa, but...the game stayed tied at 3-3. I'm sure this is not the last time we will be seeing a game of soccer at the lake. Perhaps a new favorite activity?!

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