Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Bike Ride

Family bike ride around Lake Harriet!
We checked another thing off our summer "to do" list today. We rode around Lake Harriet today.
Woo-hoo! It was great! If only you could have been a little bird around our house this summer, you would know that our kids asked about every single day, "Can we go on a bike ride around Lake Harriet today?" Usually the answer was no, simply because it was too hot this summer! We are finally in a nice stretch of weather around these parts, where we have enjoyed temperatures around 70 degrees; perfect bike riding weather for a pair of 6 year olds!
We started out on the sound side of the lake where we made our way to our first stop, the Fairy House. At least that's what we call it in our family.
Others call it an elf tree. There is a tree, as you see, that has a door at the base. It opens and there you can leave things for the fairy: notes, jewels, flowers-anything kids (and adults) wish to leave.
We haven't ever left anything for the elf/fairy, but from what I've read, all notes are answered! About 1500 a year to be exact! Hopefully that will be another post...but that was our first stop on our bike ride.
After one more break,

we were finally to our half-way point where they were motivated to get to because I said there was a prize. We parked our bikes and I had little eyes peering up at me, wondering where the prize was. In comes ice cream! Did you have any doubt? I didn't think so. Ice cream cones eaten, and we were on our way back to the car, with not too far to go.

Did I mention how well A & C did while riding around? Fantastic. WAY better than I thought they would have done. We were in single file the whole way,
because many a bike riders (and rollerbladers-who knew?) were going far faster than we were.
In the end, the kids requested that the next time we go we make 2 laps because 1 laps was far too easy. Note taken, my seasoned bike riders. 2 laps it is next time!

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