Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun for all!

Summer day filled with fun for all!

Today was another great summer day! Albeit the weather turned out to be WAY different than the meteorologists had predicted (do they know anything??), we made the most of it anyway. See, summer is supposed to be filled with lots of outside play with friends, filled with laughter, trying new things, swimming, playing games...you get it, right? That's exactly what today was and our kids loved every minute of it.
The day began with a playdate for C with one of his favorite friends from kindergarten. It was a Wii playing, TV watching, playhouse playing, Lucky Charm eating filled morning. Then we move to the afternoon where we swam, jumped off diving boards, slid down slides, sat on fountains, swam with Barbies, dove for rings, and tired ourselves out...that being the kids because it was raining during some of this time, which didn't phase the kids at all! See for yourself...
Then on to more play and dinner with good company.
Kids on one side of the table, which worked out well because we could wedge them in-no escaping here!
Then on to a movie night with a dessert stop half way through-ice cream, of course.

See, these are the days I want to remember when we are full-board into school and activities; when we don't have a moment to spare to even think about what we could be doing or were doing in the summer. You know those days, when they seem so scheduled we're not even sure of what's next.

I want to remember these summer days with swimming, playing, jumping, laughing, sharing, eating and being together. Thank goodness for friends and family that make days like this possible.

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  1. I can feel the joy coming through your pictures! These are really the memories that will carry us through the school year! Thank you for sharing!