Saturday, April 30, 2011

I lost my tooth!

Tooth Fairy...are you prepared to visit tonight? Good. Got your glittery wings on? Perfect. Please make your stop in our little girl's room tonight because she lost her first tooth!

Yes, our little girl who once looked like this...
(5 months-me trying to show off her first tooth!)
lost her first tooth today while she was at her friend Ava's birthday party! As it happened to be we were just talking about kids loosing teeth this morning while we were eating breakfast! We were asking A & C who at school had lost a tooth so far. They have 2 friends that have so far. The conversation was very much just that-conversation. Funny how things happen!
It seems as though she just pulled her tooth out. She told me it was bleeding a lot, but that it was ok. A also said she wanted to throw it away in the garbage! Then Ava's parents had a conversation about the Tooth Fairy and she wanted to keep the tooth. That's the thing...we hadn't even talked about the Tooth Fairy yet!

So off I went to find a tooth holder-
and we wrote a letter-
Tooth Fairy-can u ples tak my tooth and trad it fro mane? Love, Anna
(Tooth Fairy-can you please take my tooth and trade it for money?)
and she put it under her pillow!
Tooth Fairy, we hope you visit tonight!

the beginning of t-ball

Our kids are at that age. That age of "there's no turning back now." If you're a parent, perhaps you, too, have hit that point. It's the age where they begin activities and sports. It's the age where you become a Soccer Mom or a Baseball Dad. You're always arranging your schedule around the kids' schedule and trying to figure out who is driving where and if A has to come with or not. Yes, we're at that age.
So it began Thursday. Well, actually it began Tuesday night but that practice was a rain-out. C found out his jersey is green and that he's number 7, "Just like Joe Mauer, Mommy!" He was also thrilled that his friends Elliot and Landon are on his team. It's fun that it worked out like that! Thursday was their first official practice. After another day of snow and rain in the morning, I was beginning to wonder if THIS practice would have to be rescheduled too!

But the sun peeked out and they were able to practice! Man, they have a big crew! I think I counted 12 kids on the team. That's a lot 4 and 5 year olds!
The coaches did a great job being patient, teaching how to throw,
and teaching how to catch.
They were able to hit the ball and get a little base running practice in, too.
It's hard work being 4 and learning to run from home to first, second, third and back home again! Luckily for us, C loves baseball so he had those things down pretty well.
The best part of any group sports team is the snack they get afterwards. There's always speculation as to what it will be. Today-Scooby Snacks cookies and juice! We're really excited for him to play this year. We'll be those baseball parents, every Tuesday and Thursday, cheering him on, encouraging him to try his best, telling him to "Run!  Run!" and looking at him wondering, how is he THIS old already? And this is just the beginning...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surprise, Mommy!

I have a loving mom. I have loving kids. I have a loving husband. I have a loving friend. Yes, these were all of the players who were in on this.
See the loving surprise my dear friend Jordi orchestrated with my mom and my kids?! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! This was the best surprise a mom could ever ask for for Mother's Day. Those are 7 fingers C is holding up for his jersey number for t-ball (more on that later!).
And I just love the Twins shirts they have on in these pics! Thank you Mom and Jordi. I'm so blessed to be a mom!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!

Happy Easter! I love that on this day, A reminds us of this:
"Mommy, remember, the most important thing about Easter is that Jesus is risen! He died for us but now he is risen!"
We hope you had a wonderful day with family, music, praising and eggs!
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Did the bunny visit you?

He visited ours tonight! the living the kitchen...on a shelf...and in the bathroom!! Hope he came to your house too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Really Mother Nature? Really?
Really God? Really?
Catching snowflakes on our tongues on April 20th? Really?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For you, Mama!

Those are the words I heard yesterday as I walked in the door from school. A had picked me her first flowers while outside at school. Yes, lovely yellow, shrivelled dandelions were deposited in my hand as I looked at a beaming 4 year old little girl. As I held out my hand and looked at her, I can only imagine how proud she was to give them to me.

I remember being a kid and finding those pretty yellow flowers and picking a whole bouquet for my mom, handing them to her with the same beaming smile as A had yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's one of those rights-of-passage as a child. Doesn't every kid pick "flowers" for their mom or dad?

This is the first time I can remember that she's done that for me. I know it's a small memory, but one that I'll always remember. Has your child given you any "flowers" lately?

Monday, April 18, 2011

I sound like...

"I sound like a hippopotamus."
This is what C said on the way to school today after trying to determine the sound coming from his whistling nose. Pretty good, right?
"No, maybe it sounds like an elephant."
Elephant, hippopotamus...either way, a pretty creative way of thinking about what sound he was hearing!

Friday, April 15, 2011

a letter from your (sometimes) frustrated mommy

Dear A & C,
This morning I wasn't the best mommy for you. I got frustrated when you couldn't find your gloves. I got frustrated when you couldn't find your hat. Then A, I left your lunch on the counter. I got a little upset even though sometimes things like this happen. I'm sorry.

Sometimes it's hard to be a mommy. Sometimes I don't plan as much as I should. Sometimes things don't go the way I want them to (ahem...type A personality) go. I need to be more patient with you and remind myself that you're only 4. Sometimes it seems like you're 6 already. But you're not. Just 4.

You do a lot of things for being 4 years old! You know how to pick out your own clothes, get ready for the day, eat your breakfast and put your dishes on the counter. I know that's a lot for a 4 year old. You're already so grown up-I really shouldn't rush you any more. But sometimes I do, and I'm sorry.

I will try to look at you with Mommy eyes, no matter the situation. Yes, there are times when you won't listen and I will still get frustrated. But again, you're only 4. I hope that when you get older you'll know that I loved you so much when you were little and I will always love you-even when we have mornings that don't go the way I expect them to go.

I love you...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nature Center

Doing things on a weekend is one of my favorite things. That was a vague statement. Let me rephrase: I can't sit at home on a weekend so more often than not, we are out doing something. Just ask J...he would tell you the same thing. This weekend was no different! Plus, the weather was warmer and the snow piles (most of them) were gone!
We went to Wood Lake Nature Center which is not far from us. It's a place we haven't ever taken our kids to, but they've been there before on a field trip with their class. They knew, right away, where things were and what we could do. We started off inside looking at a few snakes and some turtles. Then it was outside to walk around the trails.
You'd think that being in a first-ring suburb there wouldn't be much for wildlife. Well, on our walk, it was hard to tell if we were in a city or in the middle of nowhere!
We were on the lookout for anything dealing with animals or plants. Here A found some animal fur-we're still not sure what it was or where it came from.
We saw 3 muskrats on our walk. This was the first one we encountered, nibbling on some tall grasses. 
There were plenty of geese to be seen, too! These ones seemed to be doing a dance of some sort. Perhaps it's part of a mating ritual? We passed by one mama goose sitting on her nest-she hissed at us from about 100 feet away. We saw these geese:
A & C weren't too sure about them. A jogger walked by them and (I'm assuming) the male hissed at him. So we kept our distance and didn't get any closer. And then there was this goose:
Just standing on one leg, sound asleep. A & I had already passed it, and then it was J & C's turn. As you can see, C isn't too sure about this goose. Truth be told, neither were J & I! But, it just kept on sleeping!
It was a beautiful day to be out walking around with signs of spring everywhere!
We're so glad spring is here to stay and that we have a place like this to explore with our kids!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Restaurants

Do you like to eat out? We do. This comes as no surprise, whatsoever, to those of you who know us...or, ahem, me. Right now we are watching "America's Next Great Restaurant." It's a fun show to watch for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they're opening one of the winning restaurants right here, by us! It's going to be a fast-casual type restaurant, similar to Chipotle. It got me thinking about our favorite restaurants.

For J and I, when given the chance, we would pick Broders-hands down! It is our very favorite place to eat because of the atmosphere, the food, the wine and of course-dessert! This is a place we used to go all the time before we had kids and now it really makes for a fun, special night out. Other favorites of ours include Chiang Mai Thai, Cossettas, Murray's and Cafe Latte. I've been known to go to Cafe Latte for their chocolate chocolate cake alone. It's my favorite dessert place!

When we're talking restaurants with the kids, that's a different story. The first restaurant they really knew enough to say, "Let's go there," was Davannis. They originally called it Savanni's or Vivanni's, so that's kind of a standing joke in our family. Davannis is the go-to Friday night pizza night place if that's what we decide on. They would eat there every night if they could. I mean it's pizza, right? Another one of their favorites is Snuffy's. The sole reason they like that restaurant is because they get to have their ice cream before dinner, with it being a malt shop and all. I do give them credit, though. They end up eating their whole meal including all of the ice cream! One last favorite is Rudy's. Part of it has to do with the fact that A likes going anywhere to eat after church, and that's often where we end up! The acoustic music and brunch gives it an easy feel for a Sunday. And the best part about it is that kids under 5 years old eat free! Bonus!

We love restaurants. We love eating out. I would eat out every night if we could. We have our favorites but are always ready to try something new. So, "America's Next Great Restaurant," what's it going to be?

Monday, April 4, 2011

a picnic dinner by a frozen lake

"I have a question for you. (me whispering) Who wants to go Lake Harriet and have a picnic dinner?"
"Me! Me! Me!"
I couldn't resist today. I know the lake is still frozen. I know the ducks and geese are swimming in a very small patch of open water (in the background). I know it was still cold enough that I had to eat with one glove on and one glove off. Yes, I know all of these things. But I still couldn't resist.

This lake is one of our very favorite places to visit as a family. On the way there the kids were talking about all of the fun things we do together.
"Oh, I like that building over there. Yes, that one with the points. Because there's a beach over there. Well, why isn't it open? Oh, right. It's too cold to swim."
"But Mommy, over there we can see the ducks, right? Why won't they be there? Well, where will they go since the lake is still frozen?"
"Let's get ice cream after we're done eating dinner. We can do that, right? But why are they closed? But it's nice out today!"
"I guess the only thing to do today is walk around since there's nothing fun to do around here."
It's all about perspective, right? Right. From my perspective-the perfect day to go to the lake for the first time this spring. From the kids' perspective-not one of the best days because the things they like to do weren't "open" for them. On the bright side (for them), they did get to play at a park by the lake!

We went for a short walk on either side of the bandshell, saying hello to as many puppies as we could (per A's request) before settling in at a table with a lovely view of the frozen lake. It was a great end to a week spent together.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dare I say it?

Shhh... (spring is here.) I didn't want to say that too loud. You never know...with the forecast here and such, it seems as though our 56 degree day won't last much longer. Tomorrow-rain/snow mix. Which, I'm an optimistic person, so I'm going for the rain piece. Rain I can handle. Rain can come and wash away the dirt and grime that is stuck on our driveway and our street. Rain can come to help with the snow mold. Gross. Rain can come to help with my garden and bring a little bit of life to my otherwise brown plants. Rain I can handle. Snow, not so much.
You can see that we were outside enjoying this day by getting out the baseballs, soccer balls, the hippity-hop, hula hoops and anything else that was in our storage tub. The chalk was in good working order as well, so our sidewalk is now beautifully decorated with roads and flowers.
I love that spring is here. I know where we live it doesn't always stick around for good until later in April, but with the kind of winter we've had, I'm just going to say it...SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Vintage Pearl Giveaway

There's another giveaway at one of my favorite honor of her birthday! Maybe I'll win THIS time.