Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Restaurants

Do you like to eat out? We do. This comes as no surprise, whatsoever, to those of you who know us...or, ahem, me. Right now we are watching "America's Next Great Restaurant." It's a fun show to watch for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they're opening one of the winning restaurants right here, by us! It's going to be a fast-casual type restaurant, similar to Chipotle. It got me thinking about our favorite restaurants.

For J and I, when given the chance, we would pick Broders-hands down! It is our very favorite place to eat because of the atmosphere, the food, the wine and of course-dessert! This is a place we used to go all the time before we had kids and now it really makes for a fun, special night out. Other favorites of ours include Chiang Mai Thai, Cossettas, Murray's and Cafe Latte. I've been known to go to Cafe Latte for their chocolate chocolate cake alone. It's my favorite dessert place!

When we're talking restaurants with the kids, that's a different story. The first restaurant they really knew enough to say, "Let's go there," was Davannis. They originally called it Savanni's or Vivanni's, so that's kind of a standing joke in our family. Davannis is the go-to Friday night pizza night place if that's what we decide on. They would eat there every night if they could. I mean it's pizza, right? Another one of their favorites is Snuffy's. The sole reason they like that restaurant is because they get to have their ice cream before dinner, with it being a malt shop and all. I do give them credit, though. They end up eating their whole meal including all of the ice cream! One last favorite is Rudy's. Part of it has to do with the fact that A likes going anywhere to eat after church, and that's often where we end up! The acoustic music and brunch gives it an easy feel for a Sunday. And the best part about it is that kids under 5 years old eat free! Bonus!

We love restaurants. We love eating out. I would eat out every night if we could. We have our favorites but are always ready to try something new. So, "America's Next Great Restaurant," what's it going to be?

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