Saturday, April 30, 2011

the beginning of t-ball

Our kids are at that age. That age of "there's no turning back now." If you're a parent, perhaps you, too, have hit that point. It's the age where they begin activities and sports. It's the age where you become a Soccer Mom or a Baseball Dad. You're always arranging your schedule around the kids' schedule and trying to figure out who is driving where and if A has to come with or not. Yes, we're at that age.
So it began Thursday. Well, actually it began Tuesday night but that practice was a rain-out. C found out his jersey is green and that he's number 7, "Just like Joe Mauer, Mommy!" He was also thrilled that his friends Elliot and Landon are on his team. It's fun that it worked out like that! Thursday was their first official practice. After another day of snow and rain in the morning, I was beginning to wonder if THIS practice would have to be rescheduled too!

But the sun peeked out and they were able to practice! Man, they have a big crew! I think I counted 12 kids on the team. That's a lot 4 and 5 year olds!
The coaches did a great job being patient, teaching how to throw,
and teaching how to catch.
They were able to hit the ball and get a little base running practice in, too.
It's hard work being 4 and learning to run from home to first, second, third and back home again! Luckily for us, C loves baseball so he had those things down pretty well.
The best part of any group sports team is the snack they get afterwards. There's always speculation as to what it will be. Today-Scooby Snacks cookies and juice! We're really excited for him to play this year. We'll be those baseball parents, every Tuesday and Thursday, cheering him on, encouraging him to try his best, telling him to "Run!  Run!" and looking at him wondering, how is he THIS old already? And this is just the beginning...

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