Monday, April 4, 2011

a picnic dinner by a frozen lake

"I have a question for you. (me whispering) Who wants to go Lake Harriet and have a picnic dinner?"
"Me! Me! Me!"
I couldn't resist today. I know the lake is still frozen. I know the ducks and geese are swimming in a very small patch of open water (in the background). I know it was still cold enough that I had to eat with one glove on and one glove off. Yes, I know all of these things. But I still couldn't resist.

This lake is one of our very favorite places to visit as a family. On the way there the kids were talking about all of the fun things we do together.
"Oh, I like that building over there. Yes, that one with the points. Because there's a beach over there. Well, why isn't it open? Oh, right. It's too cold to swim."
"But Mommy, over there we can see the ducks, right? Why won't they be there? Well, where will they go since the lake is still frozen?"
"Let's get ice cream after we're done eating dinner. We can do that, right? But why are they closed? But it's nice out today!"
"I guess the only thing to do today is walk around since there's nothing fun to do around here."
It's all about perspective, right? Right. From my perspective-the perfect day to go to the lake for the first time this spring. From the kids' perspective-not one of the best days because the things they like to do weren't "open" for them. On the bright side (for them), they did get to play at a park by the lake!

We went for a short walk on either side of the bandshell, saying hello to as many puppies as we could (per A's request) before settling in at a table with a lovely view of the frozen lake. It was a great end to a week spent together.

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