Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dare I say it?

Shhh... (spring is here.) I didn't want to say that too loud. You never know...with the forecast here and such, it seems as though our 56 degree day won't last much longer. Tomorrow-rain/snow mix. Which, I'm an optimistic person, so I'm going for the rain piece. Rain I can handle. Rain can come and wash away the dirt and grime that is stuck on our driveway and our street. Rain can come to help with the snow mold. Gross. Rain can come to help with my garden and bring a little bit of life to my otherwise brown plants. Rain I can handle. Snow, not so much.
You can see that we were outside enjoying this day by getting out the baseballs, soccer balls, the hippity-hop, hula hoops and anything else that was in our storage tub. The chalk was in good working order as well, so our sidewalk is now beautifully decorated with roads and flowers.
I love that spring is here. I know where we live it doesn't always stick around for good until later in April, but with the kind of winter we've had, I'm just going to say it...SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

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