Saturday, April 30, 2011

I lost my tooth!

Tooth Fairy...are you prepared to visit tonight? Good. Got your glittery wings on? Perfect. Please make your stop in our little girl's room tonight because she lost her first tooth!

Yes, our little girl who once looked like this...
(5 months-me trying to show off her first tooth!)
lost her first tooth today while she was at her friend Ava's birthday party! As it happened to be we were just talking about kids loosing teeth this morning while we were eating breakfast! We were asking A & C who at school had lost a tooth so far. They have 2 friends that have so far. The conversation was very much just that-conversation. Funny how things happen!
It seems as though she just pulled her tooth out. She told me it was bleeding a lot, but that it was ok. A also said she wanted to throw it away in the garbage! Then Ava's parents had a conversation about the Tooth Fairy and she wanted to keep the tooth. That's the thing...we hadn't even talked about the Tooth Fairy yet!

So off I went to find a tooth holder-
and we wrote a letter-
Tooth Fairy-can u ples tak my tooth and trad it fro mane? Love, Anna
(Tooth Fairy-can you please take my tooth and trade it for money?)
and she put it under her pillow!
Tooth Fairy, we hope you visit tonight!


  1. Such a brave girl. I can't believe she wrote that sentence! I think she can just skip kindergarten.

  2. Did the tooth fairy visit that night? Her tooth holder looks great! And you even put a note for her. I hope that her teeth are as great as her handwriting. :)