Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 word stories

I'm challenging myself. 6 word stories, every day in August. They may be current events that have happened that day. They could be stories about what's on my mind. They might be stories about things I have forgotten to write about. Of course pictures will included (when possible) to help tell the story.

I'm going to try to write more than just those 6 words. I think about that and how it would really limit me in my writing. So after thinking about it for all of about 30 seconds, I have decided that the challenge is really to write every day-knowing 6 words isn't a lot to come up with-but I've also decided that it will hopefully help me write more! Kind of reminds me of some of these SOLSC posts from March!

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's your birthday!

The last of the celebrations of our week...my dad. It is his birthday today! Happy Birthday, Dad!!

If you know him, you know he is sincere, kind and quiet. He speaks honestly-with only kind words about friends and family. He is the hardest worker I know and is committed to things he starts.
He is the most caring Papa our kids could ask for. He is a role model for them and continues to be for me. I think he's pretty neat I know people who know him think so too. So, Happy Birthday, Dad! And may you stay as young as you seem...and continue to do this for a long, long time:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Something new...and definitely unexpected

It's a funny thing to get older. You think you have it figured out: friends, job, likes, dislikes, foods, etc. Then you realize you don't. That happened tonight. It's always interesting to me that at this point in my life I could find someone new that I connect with on so many levels. I mean, really? I have 6 year olds. I've been married for 11 years. I've been teaching for 11 years. Things are pretty solid. But then 2 worlds come together and that all changes.

A new friend at this point in life is kind of beyond me because I always assume everyone else has things set too. Who would want me as a new friend? What do I have to offer anyone that they don't already have? Well, it seems she does like me as a friend and I do have something to offer her just as she has something to offer me. a lot to offer me!

I know this because of many different things-some which are big things and some which are little things: we eat the same things and can share a meal when we go out; our faith values are the same; she grew up where I went to college; she has twins too; what is important to her and her husband with her kids is equally important to J and I with our kids. This is just a short list. If you had been with tonight for our 2 hour dinner, you would have heard many more.

She said something tonight that I knew I would forget, but seemed so profound. Ok, got it: The challenge is to be in this world, not of this world.

Isn't that so true? It's all about living with what you have and with what you like and being ok with it. It's about being present. It's about not trying to keep up with everyone else and loving things as they are. Something I have to remember. It's so easy to get caught up in wanting or thinking you need things to be different-whether it be with a house, a job, the kids and what activities they are doing (or not doing), clothes, trips-the list is unending. Talking with her makes it real. It reminds me of what is most important. Not the things or what's around me, but who I am and what we stand for as parents and as a family. Not worrying about having or wanting the best, but being the best.

See, it's not every day you are reminded of these things. And sometimes it takes a new friend to remind you of that. A new friend that seems like an old friend, which is the best kind of friend to have.

Birthday letters to my babies

If you were around last year, then you'll remember these. Albeit a bit late, here are the 6-year letters:
Dear A,

You are 6 years old! I cannot believe how fast that happened. You are a loving, thoughtful little honey that keeps us on our toes. You are happy and spunky. You are funny and observant. You are our Nans. You continue to surprise us every day with things that you do, learn, and say. We can't wait to hear what will come next!

This year a lot of new things happened! We got to go to Disney World together as a family! That was a treat. You loved meeting the princesses and going on rides. Kindergarten started which was a huge plus in your world. You loved your teacher and everything about school-reading, writing and math. Coming home was a highlight because you shared your whole day with daddy on your walk home. You were able to ride your bike with only 2 wheels and even "graduated" to your big-girl bike! Wow! This year you started dancing with Just For Kix and loved it. You were always so sassy in your costume and loved putting make-up on for every show. You continued to do gymnastics, soccer, and swimming too. What a swimmer you are now! We love it! We traveled to Florida and you saw the ocean and went to the beach for the first time. You loved collecting shells and boogie boarding! I'm sure we'll go back again soon. Tennis was a new one for you this summer as was basketball this winter. I think you liked both of them equally, too! Day Camp was another new thing this summer. You came home exhausted every day, but loved EVERY minute of it. Whew!

You're always willing to try something new. That is something I admire about you. Now when it comes to food, that's a different story, but...I'll wait around! Your fear lies in the "kid fears:" the witches, the scary parts of a movie, the scary characters in a show. But when it comes to new things in life, you're right there: waterskiing, riding your "big" bike, picking up worms and bugs, combing goats at the zoo, dancing, making friends, doing the monkey bars; the list is endless!

You are still my favorite curly redhead around. You make me smile with your silly faces. You melt my heart with your love for Jesus. You continue to be the best sister your brother could ask for (even if he doesn't always think so). You make me and your daddy so proud to have you as our daughter. We love you so much and cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

Love, Mommy

Dear C,

You are 6 years old! How did that happen? I know you are still my snuggler and that it is one of your favorite things to do with me. You are a confident, fearless little boy. You are sensitive and stubborn. You question lots of things, but still trust that we know best (most of the time). You surprise us daily with the things you say-funny and thoughtful. You are one smart Punkin!

This year was another year of firsts for you! You lost your first tooth! That happened on Daddy's birthday when we were eating pizza. Since then you have lost 4 teeth and you're pretty proud of it too. Our trip to Disney World was a highlight-especially seeing Lightning McQueen & Mater. Being a pirate was pretty cool too, wasn't it Ned Goodhawk? School brought about many friends for you. That is something we were so happy about. You have so many good friends from school and made really smart choices with those friends. We know you'll continue to be a great friend the older you get. School was a favorite of yours with all of the math and reading you did. It is amazing to see you reading through a chapter book already and to hear you counting by 9's (no joke!). You were not too far behind your sister in riding your bike. You learned about 3 days after she did last fall. We went to Florida this spring and you saw the ocean for the first time. Jumping the waves with Daddy was a favorite for you. You continued to love gymnastics, soccer, basketball and t-ball. A year really makes a difference in everything you do. We are amazed at how strong you are! We love watching you play sports, wondering if you will play "lefty" or "righty." Ambidextrous, that's for sure! This summer you tried tennis and day camp, loving them both. You even asked if you could do camp again!

The funniest thing about you lately are the things you say. I wish I had a recorder with me every where we've gone, because I can't even remember them all. My favorites have to do with growing up and when you have a wife. "When I grow up, I'm gonna play silly string with my wife." Funny, Buddy, that's what you are! You think movies are hilarious and are just like your daddy when it comes to remembering movie lines. You even try to say it just like they do and get frustrated with your sister when she says it wrong. You also say things that melt my heart. "I love you, Momma," just out of the blue. Those are my favorite things to hear.

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us this year. If it's anything like last year when you were 5, we are going to have a blast! Thank you for continuing to be you, my big guy. You are a very patient brother and a loving son. You are our Do-Dos and we are so proud of every bit of your six-year-old self!

Love, Mommy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebration Week

Well, we are almost through our celebration week. What is that you ask? Well, in our family we have tried to fit everything in during a single week in July. Are you ready? Here it goes:

July 10: Mom's birthday; July 11th: kids' birthday; July 12: Mom & Dad's anniversary; July 14th: Our anniversary; July 17th: Dad's birthday...AND, that doesn't even include extended family and friends for which that adds 3 more birthdays! Crazy!

Until I get a bit more organized...here are some of my favorite moments from the last few days:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! She is Don't worry Mom, I won't tell! I am blessed beyond belief to have my mom for my mom. I know everyone says that about their mom, but I'm partial to my own.
She does so many things for me-known and unknown. Being supportive, loving and kind...giving things to me and our family-both time and otherwise...generous beyond belief. She's the kind that puts others before herself and always makes sure we have everything we need, and even some things we want.
I love you mom, so very much, more than you know and more than I could ever show you. You inspire me to be a better mom myself. Thank you for showing me love. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Toothleth!

See me?
I'm toothleth!
I got pretty brave today when Mommy and I were playing Sorry! Man, my mommy would not leave me alone about this tooth. She made me wiggle it every single day at least 5 times. Usually I did 10. Then she always tried pulling it out. I tried telling her it wasn't ready to pull out yet. But she never listened. Today while we were at home I was wiggling it with my tongue. Mommy said, "Try pulling it out!" So I twisted it a bit, got my finger nail between the spaces-so it must have been pretty loose-and twisted some more. I had to get really brave because I was afraid it would be all bloody. I was right. I gave it a real big tug and it was out! As soon as I pulled it out it was bloody. I rinsed my mouth out a lot in the bathroom. My sister was gone at a birthday party, so she didn't even see it! I was so excited to tell her about it. Mommy looked at the space where my tooth was and said, "Huh. You can't even see the next tooth." All I could say was, "I told you so! I told you the other half was still way up in my gum! That's why it was bleeding so much." Yes, I was right this time. And now I'm toothleth. I sure hope the Tooth Fairy comes tonight. I wrote her a letter telling her all about it:
Now if only my mommy will stop bugging me about my other teeth. Give a guy a break!