Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Toothleth!

See me?
I'm toothleth!
I got pretty brave today when Mommy and I were playing Sorry! Man, my mommy would not leave me alone about this tooth. She made me wiggle it every single day at least 5 times. Usually I did 10. Then she always tried pulling it out. I tried telling her it wasn't ready to pull out yet. But she never listened. Today while we were at home I was wiggling it with my tongue. Mommy said, "Try pulling it out!" So I twisted it a bit, got my finger nail between the spaces-so it must have been pretty loose-and twisted some more. I had to get really brave because I was afraid it would be all bloody. I was right. I gave it a real big tug and it was out! As soon as I pulled it out it was bloody. I rinsed my mouth out a lot in the bathroom. My sister was gone at a birthday party, so she didn't even see it! I was so excited to tell her about it. Mommy looked at the space where my tooth was and said, "Huh. You can't even see the next tooth." All I could say was, "I told you so! I told you the other half was still way up in my gum! That's why it was bleeding so much." Yes, I was right this time. And now I'm toothleth. I sure hope the Tooth Fairy comes tonight. I wrote her a letter telling her all about it:
Now if only my mommy will stop bugging me about my other teeth. Give a guy a break!

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