Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jucy Lucy

If you don't know about this place and you live around these parts, well, we have something to discuss. Seriously. 
Now as you look at this picture you're thinking, well, I don't think I'm missing a lot. Oh, but you are. You're missing A LOT! Really, A LOT. As in juicy, greasy goodness. Ooozing cheese that continuously makes you wonder how in the world they get the cheese in there and how they get it perfect every~single~time. The amazing feeling that you would have absolutely no problem eating a second Jucy even though there is usually no way you can even finish a regular sized cheeseburger. Trust me, I've seen it. Or the feeling like you could really use one of their greasy grilled cheeses. The one where A had eaten one, leaned back into the booth with her hands on her belly and said, "That was the BEST. GRILLED. CHEESE. EVER." Yup. I have eaten one of those sandwiches after pounding this burger down. 
This is the kind of burger that you never set down. I'm pretty sure that the last few times I've eaten a Jucy I haven't dripped. Why is that a big deal you ask? Well, the cheese is the best part and none of it should go to waste. However, if some cheese should drip out, you can use the best French fries ever to scoop it up
Enter more grease. I've really painted a rosy picture of this place, haven't I? Hope so. Because really, you should go. Tomorrow. I wish I could go tomorrow but I was just there last week. Probably not at the top of what I recommend because of the grease and all. Maybe next week I can try. We'll see what J says.
This is one of my favorite signs in the place. And it's true. They never have ice. I overheard a conversation people were having behind me and they were like, "Really? The could really just serve ice. It doesn't cost a lot." Clearly these people were not regulars like we are. I mean look at the wall, its the same as it was when I was little, coming with my parents. That same gold, textured wall with the same wood booths and the same dark bar and the same...well, you get it. It's the same old place it always was. Even with being on the Travel Channel. Maybe a little bit busier around dinner time and especially busy during the weekends. But on a weekday at lunch? Perfect. Just perfect. I hope you get there soon! Let me know when you go-maybe we can meet there!

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