Tuesday, June 26, 2012

last night for t-ball

Tonight was the last night for C for t-ball. He did great! He was very excited about getting his trophy tonight. And, of course, the snack.
We had quite the cheering section tonight, too! My cousin was here visiting from New Jersey with a friend, so even more support for our kiddo!
C is really loving baseball. He asked me, as we were walking inside, "Mommy? Can I do t-ball again next year?" Of course! So glad he loves it.
He was still a switch-hitter this year. He would alternate swinging from each side. Coach Tim said he thinks he hits better from the right. He throws the ball with his left. We'll see what happens as he gets older. J already has him pegged as a left-handed reliever. Too funny.

One of his favorite things to do was to run the bases. He's a pretty fast kid, my C. I should know! I tried catching him at the park one day last week and couldn't! He was too fast!
He had some pretty good teammates this year. A friend from his class and some others that go to his school. The parents were great too. You can't beat that when it comes to sports!
Coach Tim was fantastic. He really took time to teach the kids how to throw and how to swing. He kept the kids focused-out of the dirt, away from climbing the fence, how to take care of their glove, hat, and bats, etc.
I know this is just one of many sports C has tried. But I'm glad he loves it. I'm glad he has the focus and attention span to learn the game and improve (which he did!). I'm glad he loves it because we do too. And we love him!

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