Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie Night

It's Friday! TGIF!! Let's just say that after a week with some indoor recess days for it being so stinkin' cold outside, I was ready for the week to be done. Elementary school kids can only be contained for so long.
Friday at our house means a few things: 1. Chocolate milk at school for A & C (a very much anticpated event-who knew?) 2. Mommy & Daddy are home with the kiddos and 3. Movie Night!
Let it be known that our kids don't usually watch full-length movies at home, so being able to watch one from start to finish is a big treat. C even said to J on the way home from school today, "Daddy, it's Friday! That means it's movie night!" I do think that is a fun thing to have started with them even though they're only 3 1/2.
So, tonight it was Toy Story. Let me say that after watching it again after not having watched it since it came out however many years ago gave me a new perspective. It happens watching these movies over and over. Thank goodness the writers realize us parents are watching these movies with our kids...there's definitely humor in there for us that the kids do not pick up on. Such was the case tonight.
Friday Night Movie Night at our house every week-if you're in the mood for a kids movie, come on over!

One of my favorite things in watching movies with the kids is when the laugh-belly laugh even!

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Funny Things by C

So I was telling this story to some friends the other day and asked them what they thought about me posting it here. C is getting funnier with every story I seem to have.
A lot of our friends are having babies or have had babies recently. The kids have seen a lot of babies around and have seen a lot of bellies with babies in them. So the conversation went something like this:
C: "Mommy? Do you have a baby in there?" (points to my stomach)
Me: "No buddy. I don't have a baby in my tummy."
C: "No! Not in your tummy, silly! Those, right there! Aren't those babies? Two babies, like me and A!" (pointing to my chest, and at which point I'm just thinking in my head, he thinks they're twins!!)
Me: (trying to contain my laughter) "Oh, there! No, those aren't babies either."
C: "But why not? What's in there? Can I see?"
At which point the anatomy lesson came to an end with me telling him he couldn't see what was under there. Oh to have a 3 year old boy. Again, I feel like I've said that before, but man! The stories just keep coming!

Now Presenting...

...Mr. Tom Cruise! Or our version of "Risky Business" by C. This was him after he went to the bathroom today. Decided that he didn't want pants on and proceeded to run around the house as such:He's a funny kid, that one!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Nothing beats dinner with friends. J & I went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant by our house with some friends that came into town. We went out with them and 2 other couples. We hadn't seen them in a while, so it was really nice to get together with everyone. We indulged in salad, pasta and dessert (as you can see!). I do wish our friends Em & Will were able to come more is always a very fun time when they are here. Thanks for sharing a fun evening of food, conversation and laughter! Can't wait for it to happen again!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ice Cream

Ice cream...I thought I would post some thoughts about one of the best foods ever created...
If you know me at all, you know I love ice cream. Wait. That's an understatement. I LOVE ice cream! Do you understand better now? Some people say they love ice cream, but they're not true ice cream lovers. For example, I went to school in a colder place than where I live now and they had a walk-up Dairy Queen (smaller town than here, too). I remember walking from my dorm, about 15 minutes, in the snow just to get my ice cream. There was a Tastee Freez there too...I did the same thing with that place too (only we had to drive because it was too far to walk). I'm pretty sure that on some days I was their only customer. Is that possible? Not sure, but it seemed like it!
Look at this picture you see it? Really-can you even see the ice cream? Well, that could be because I usually cover my ice cream completely in chocolate so you can't see the ice cream from the top. I just saw a very dear friend whom I hadn't seen in about 6 years and she said to her fiance, "No really, K has covered her chocolate ice cream with even more chocolate!" Yup-that's me! And, if there is the option for more chocolate toppings-M & M's, cookies-you get the idea-I'm always up for that, too!
Are you wondering if our kids have followed in my footsteps? Well, they have for the most part! C is my ice cream eating buddy when it comes to speed (not that I encourage speed eating of ice cream at all). A shares my love of ice cream at any moment. Both of them have a little bit of J in them because they both like strawberry and other kinds of ice cream that wouldn't be my first choice. It seems as though it's a summer treat for them, because I don't often find myself offering it to them during these cold months.
What do you like on your ice cream? What is your favorite combination? I'm open to trying new things, I think. We'll see if anyone comes up with anything I would try! Here's to eating ice cream while it's snowing/freezing drizzling/whatever this is called outside!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boys will be like their Daddy

One of my favorite parts about having kids-and having 3 year olds (at this point)-is hearing the things that they have to say. Most times they say "normal" things that go with the flow of conversation-things I would expect a 3 year old to say. It's quite fun to talk with them at this point because they really can engage in a full on conversation about almost anything.

Well, this weekend there were a few funny things C had to say. I think Daddy * was on his mind.

*Note-J was out of town this weekend for a long weekend with the boys.

"Mommy! I had an accident (going to the bathroom)!"
"Really?!" (this hasn't happened in a long time)
"Come see!"
"Oh buddy, what were you trying to do?"
"I was trying to go potty like Daddy!" Boys will be like their Daddy...

...I'm sure you can imagine the little mess we had in the bathroom. My understanding from talking with other moms of boys is to hold of on "trying to go potty like Daddy" for as long as you can. Less of a mess-for the most part.

I'll set the scene for this next one-leaving church; walking on the VERY icy parking lot; discussion starts out about ice skating:

"Mommy, when I'm big like Daddy, that's when I'm going to go ice skating."
"Ok, sounds good buddy!"
"Mommy, when I'm big like Daddy, I'm gonna use a hammer and hammer things."
"Uh huh."
"Mommy, when I'm big like Daddy, I'm gonna use a screw driver and screw things."
"Mommy, when I'm big like Daddy, I'm gonna change the batteries and fix things so they work."
"Wow! That's a lot of things you're going to do like Daddy!"
"I know! I'm gonna be a Daddy like Daddy some day!"

Boys will definitely be like their Daddy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And then she said...

..."No Mommy. I gotta go back down (stairs), 'cause I'm too heavy (in reference to me wanting to pick her up), 'cause I grew up, 'cause I'm 3 1/2 now!"

Oh what she didn't know before she turned 3 1/2. That was on Monday.
What happened to my little girl? This one?
That was 2 1/2 years ago already. Does it really go that fast?! I'm not sure, but I know she's only going to get older, and it's just going to keep going. My "little" girl who's 3 1/2, oh so wise, with so much to teach me. That's how it's going to be from now on!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thankful for Relationships

So I just got home from a Moms of Multiples meeting. Moms of Multiples is a group I've belonged to since I found out I was pregnant with twins. Anyway, this month's meeting included a speaker. Many months have a speaker, and usually I look to see what the speaker is about. Tonight I didn't was about women and relationships with your in-laws (mostly the mother-in-law).
After being there for about 10 minutes and hearing what the speaker had to say, I wondered to myself, "Why am I even here?" The reason being, I wasn't identifying with anything the woman had to say. You see, I was fortunate enough to marry into a family that respects me as a daughter-in-law (DIL), and hopefully I do the same in being the DIL. For example, reasons why your relationship might not be positive with your mother-in-law (MIL): "Your MIL doesn't accept you as a part of the family" or "Your MIL and the rest of their family doesn't accept you for who you are." There were many other things this speaker discussed, but I was only half paying attention to what she was saying, but more paying attention to the amount of heads that were shaking up and down like, "Yes! We completely hear what you're saying!" What?! Really? Your MIL is like this?
I mean I knew I was lucky to have married into J's family. I have never felt like I didn't belong as a part of their family. From the first day of meeting J's mom (when I was 15), she welcomed me into their home without question. Now I know she didn't know I would end up marrying her son, but... There has never been a day when I didn't feel included. After being at this meeting I know I am more than lucky and blessed to have the in-laws I have!
Tonight, I am thankful for relationships with my in-laws!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy 3 1/2 Birthday to my sweets! A & C are 3 1/2 today (thanks, Mamma Jo!)! I didn't even realize it until my mom pointed that out. I can't believe they are half way to 4. That is a little scary to me. Time just doesn't slow down. I feel like it's such a cliche to say that because it's something people said to you as a kid. "Oh, you just wait! Time goes so fast when you're a parent. Before you know it they'll be grown up!" Ok, so maybe that is true. All of the adults that said that to me can say, "We told you so!"
C didn't have such a stellar half birthday. Mamma Jo was here for the day and C just woke up with the stridor breathing/cough that goes with croup. I hate it when kids are sick! And why is it that one of the 3 times ever, since the kids were born, when I call the nurses' emergency line, do I end up with Patty Personality? I mean really...maybe people call for nonsense things, but I have concerns with my son's breathing and you're talking down to me?! Ugh. Frustration. I guess here's to waking up a few times during the night with C just to make sure he's ok. Or I guess, here's to not waking up! Maybe that will be the case...just feel better Big Guy!
Happy 3 1/2 Birthday A & C!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's not all roses...

...being a parent. People tend to forget to tell you that as you anticipate the excitement of having a new baby (or babies in our case). I have to say, we have had it relatively easy so far. Now remember, I'm not including the first, oh, say, 6 months of A & C's lives because I can't remember them. Complete fog. Good thing there are pictures! But seriously speaking, our kids have been really good kids and were good babies, too.
However, there was a 24 hour period from Thursday around 7pm until about last night (Friday) at 8pm. Everything from a screaming child (thanks, C) to a sick child, to a child that doesn't want Mommy to sing to her, to not even wanting to say goodnight to Mommy, to Mommy having tears, to just being emotional, to having 3 1/2 year old was a lot to handle!
I said to J last night after the kids fell asleep that it, to my recollection, was probably the hardest 24 hours I had had with the kids...and I even worked all day yesterday! Whoever said 2's were terrible clearly hadn't been to where their kids were 3 years old. Let me tell you...all of you that have kids younger than 3, watch out! I know all kids are different, but having 2 kids at the same age, both being 3 together, UGH! Hard.
Things have since been better. Today I had a snuggly little girl who wanted to play with me, sing with me, and love me, which made Mommy happy. It reminds me that 3 1/2 year olds, no matter how mature and knowledgable they may be, are NOT rational! I will be sure to bring myself back to this post, over and over again, and read it so I can remember that!
And to myself...remember that A & C love you no matter what and you love them no matter what. They always will! A little self-talk never hurt anyone, right? Right!


One of my least favorite times is when the kids are sick. Such is the case right now. A was diagnosed with croup on Thursday with a temp and that seal cough. Now it sounds like she could lose her voice at any moment. She sounds cute! But I know she doesn't feel like herself. She's very snuggly and tired. Yesterday was a good is a little bit like Thursday. Hopefully it isn't like one of those viruses that lasts a week or so with having one good day and one not so good day. We'll see if we can get to Sunday School tomorrow. I know she wants to!
On the up side for both of them...lots of video/movie time when you're not feeling too well. It's either that or hearing A whine, which isn't my favorite sound...let's be honest here! So "Snow Buddies" was the movie of choice again today (we just watched it yesterday, too). Started with Mamma Jo & Papa Kevin (thanks for stopping!), finished with Mommy & Daddy, then to bed. "Yes, we're exhausted, Mommy & Daddy. We fell asleep without a peep!"
Here's to hoping everyone feels better tomorrow! Sleep well, little peanut!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marlin III and Nemo

So we're having trouble with fish in our house. Did I mention that before? Oh yes, that's right, I did. Just go here or here to read about the previous fish we've had in our house.
Well, since my last fish story (really, it is true!), we've gone through another Marlin, and now have Nemo. I did show the last Marlin to the kids and told them we were going to get a new fish. Charlie decided that this fish should be Nemo. Maybe he thought there was something with the name. I don't blame him!
Well, for all of you "fish people," you probably know you're supposed to float your fish on the top of the new water to get the fish acclimated with the temperature. Hmm...yup, we're not fish people in the house and failed to do that with the first three fish. So, lesson learned. We went to our local fish shop-yes, local as in just down the street, has been there forever-and got a new Beta. So far so good, but I should probably knock on wood before I speak too soon. We've changed the water twice and he's doing pretty well!
So here's to Nemo...our fourth fish within a week. Live little Nemo! Live!

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was very fun this year! If I sound like I'm surprised, it's because I am...a little! Usually New Year's Eve has this big build up to be a huge evening full of fun, and it ends up being just another night. Ever since I've been with J I'm pretty sure I've spent every New Year's Eve with him. It's great! But, usually there's not a lot that's out of the ordinary. This year was different!
We went up to the cabin! We've never been up to the cabin to stay overnight during the winter. Since our cabin is "closed" without water, it makes things a little difficult. But, our new cabin neighbors Scott and Kristin :) let us use their place (Thanks!). The kids loved it. Of course they were too excited to go sledding to fall asleep for a nap, so they amused themselves by singing songs from school and tossing their animals back and forth between each other. Then it was time for sledding!
We haven't taken the kids sledding since they've been old enough to remember. It was very exciting for them to try. We started out going down the hill with them, and then they became brave enough to try it on their own!
A was the first try it by herself. She smiled the whole way down! Then C tried it and he had a blast too. We took turns going down the hill with them or on our own. Have you been sledding lately? It's so much fun! I loved it and decided that our next winter purchase is for J and I to have our own sleds! We had lots of fun with Matt, David and Erin. They enjoyed sledding with the kids too. We also went out on the lake, which A & C were really unsure of. They didn't want to go on the lake at first. I don't think they understood that it was ok to walk on since it was frozen! Once they figured it out, they loved it! After outside it was time for progressive appetizers around the lake. We went to 4 different houses eating things like chicken wings, fondue, ice cream (adult style), dips and dessert. It was great! It was very easy, even with all of the kids around. Have I mentioned there were 11 kids there? Yes, 11. And everyone did great! Our kids made it until 11:00, which is the latest they've been up; ever! J and I had a great time and are pretty sure we've started a new New Year's Eve tradition. Thanks to all who made it a great night. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone now, instead of waiting until the ice goes off the lake. When is that by the way...?