Saturday, January 9, 2010


One of my least favorite times is when the kids are sick. Such is the case right now. A was diagnosed with croup on Thursday with a temp and that seal cough. Now it sounds like she could lose her voice at any moment. She sounds cute! But I know she doesn't feel like herself. She's very snuggly and tired. Yesterday was a good is a little bit like Thursday. Hopefully it isn't like one of those viruses that lasts a week or so with having one good day and one not so good day. We'll see if we can get to Sunday School tomorrow. I know she wants to!
On the up side for both of them...lots of video/movie time when you're not feeling too well. It's either that or hearing A whine, which isn't my favorite sound...let's be honest here! So "Snow Buddies" was the movie of choice again today (we just watched it yesterday, too). Started with Mamma Jo & Papa Kevin (thanks for stopping!), finished with Mommy & Daddy, then to bed. "Yes, we're exhausted, Mommy & Daddy. We fell asleep without a peep!"
Here's to hoping everyone feels better tomorrow! Sleep well, little peanut!

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