Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie Night

It's Friday! TGIF!! Let's just say that after a week with some indoor recess days for it being so stinkin' cold outside, I was ready for the week to be done. Elementary school kids can only be contained for so long.
Friday at our house means a few things: 1. Chocolate milk at school for A & C (a very much anticpated event-who knew?) 2. Mommy & Daddy are home with the kiddos and 3. Movie Night!
Let it be known that our kids don't usually watch full-length movies at home, so being able to watch one from start to finish is a big treat. C even said to J on the way home from school today, "Daddy, it's Friday! That means it's movie night!" I do think that is a fun thing to have started with them even though they're only 3 1/2.
So, tonight it was Toy Story. Let me say that after watching it again after not having watched it since it came out however many years ago gave me a new perspective. It happens watching these movies over and over. Thank goodness the writers realize us parents are watching these movies with our kids...there's definitely humor in there for us that the kids do not pick up on. Such was the case tonight.
Friday Night Movie Night at our house every week-if you're in the mood for a kids movie, come on over!

One of my favorite things in watching movies with the kids is when the laugh-belly laugh even!

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