Monday, February 1, 2010

Feed My Starving Children

This weekend we had a wonderful opportunity to serve. We went to our church to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children. We went with our Dinner Club, which is with 3 other couples. We did this last year, too, but this year was a little bit different. All of the 1.5 million meals packed will be going to Haiti. Yes, that really is 1.5 MILLION meals! Crazy, huh?! Actually, I just checked and to be specific, there were 1,527,768 meals packed in 5 days with 7,000 volunteers. When we went on Saturday, they told us that the first meals packed by our church on Wednesday were already on a semi truck on the way to Florida where they would be put on a ship to Haiti. Now that's making an immediate impact!
A view of half of our church set up with all of the supplies for packing meals-
There was even entertainment with Beatles music sung all afternoon!
What a bag of 6 meals looks like. This could either feed six kids for one day or one child for 6 days. One cup of this mixture is considered one meal. Think about that today...
The chicken flavoring contains 20 vitamins and minerals essential for survival. Dried vegetables... Soy... and Rice. This is the mixture that is in each bag.

Nothing compares to the feeling of serving others. Although there is no direct contact with the people of Haiti, just doing what we were doing was a great feeling. We definitely look forward to doing it again next year. Check out Feed My Starving Children to see what you can do too!

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