Tuesday, February 9, 2010


is definitely the Windy City! J & I just got back from a long weekend in Chicago. I love Chicago! We had been there previously, but only for about 24 hours, so this weekend was the real thing. Luckily we got back when we did, because the snowstorm that just hit us moved into Chicago today and they had already cancelled all flights out of Midway. Phew!
So Chicago is a great city to go to, even in the winter. Yes, it may have been cold there, but there was hardly any snow! Plus, all you really do is eat your way through the day, so there isn't really a reason to plan any real activities. Ok, maybe there is, so we did...
Saturday we went to Zaines comedy club which is a great place! It's in the Old Town neighborhood, and thanks to my friend Lisa, we experienced a "neighborhood night out," if you will. We ate at Adobo, a great Mexican restaurant and shared some food there. After that we made our way to the John Hancock Building. This was our view from the 96th floor...
Pretty incredible, right?! We thought so too.

Sunday brought us to brunch and then to The Art Institute of Chicago. We spent a few hours there (with free February admission!!), seeing so many incredible pieces of art like this one:
and this one, too!

I didn't even know they were all going to be there. After the Art Institute, we made our way to Millennium Park which was fun, but would be better to visit any time other than the winter. I go for the green and flowers. We still had a fun time getting pictures like these!
Then it was off to find a place to watch the Super Bowl. Of course I was most concerned with being able to hear the commercials. I think I caught most of them.

On Monday we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Let's just say that the zoo isn't the best place to go during the winter, but we still saw quite a few animals. Most of the animals were inside. We found a few of our favorites...

Then it was off for some lunch with more stuffed pizza. The airport called next as we tried to get out before we were snowed out of home! Luckily for us, we made it.

We had a great time-thanks to the grandparents for watching the kids-and would love to go back again when it's a little warmer. Not that we aren't hearty people...because we are! But you know it's cold when you need your hat every time you walk outside!

Thanks, Chicago for a great weekend!

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  1. Love it! You hit some of my favorites. Let's meet here in the summer! J.H. signature room is where we were engaged! Glad you got to see it. Wasn't it awesome up there.
    Love ya, Em