Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is in the air!

So Valentine's Day was yesterday, and our kids rose to another unofficial holiday. How is it that they learn that at such a young age? It happened with Halloween, too. I thought it was funny that with today being President's Day, J said to the kids, "Do you know what day today is?" They said, "Monday!" "Yes, you're right, but it's also President's Day!" A: "What do we pass out on President's Day?" Funny...

Don't get me wrong-I love Valentine's Day with all of the love. I got flowers-my favorite-from J. It's just so commercialized. There are so many things to buy for your Valentine...luckily J & I have decided against getting "official" gifts. Flowers and cards are the norm!
The kids already had their party at school where they got valentines from all of their friends. That was pretty fun, seeing them open their valentines. They're pretty good at recognizing their friends' names, too, so they knew who they were from. C didn't care for the princess valentines and always thought they were for A. And of course all they wanted to do was eat the few pieces of candy that came with some of the cards. We've battled that on and off all weekend. Oh well-Mommy & Daddy can easily make the candy "disappear."

But, with yesterday being Valentine's Day we started off with heart shaped toast. We made valentines for the Mammas and the Papas before church. Then it was onto a lunch with my mom & dad. The kids ended up with an ice cream treat from Mamma Jo while we were at their house. Back at our house we ended the night with a heart-shaped pizza and making brownies.
I asked C & A who their valentines were before they went to bed last night. C said Daddy was his valentine and A said I was hers. But then they both said that Mommy and Daddy were their valentines. It was pretty cute. I hope that whatever you all did you enjoyed your day with people you love!

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