Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kids Feeding Adults

One of my most vivid memories about the kids as they were growing up (because they're oh-so-grown-up right now!) is feeding them. We have pictures of the kids eating their first bowl of cereal; pictures of them eating their first bites of baby food; pictures of them with "solids" all over their face and hair. (I'll try to insert some pictures here) But, do you have any pictures of your kids feeding you? Me neither. But the thought did cross my mind tonight as we were eating dinner. Here's why...

As you feed/fed your baby(ies), think about what you're doing: lifting the spoon into your child's mouth and opening your mouth when you expect or hope they do too and closing your mouth to help them close it too. Well that's what happened tonight at dinner. I asked for a bite of ice cream from C and he scooped up a bite for me. As he brought it up for me to eat, his mouth went open as mine did and closed as mine did. I thought it was so cute! But, I'm his mom, so it's supposed to be cute, right? Of course I did it again so I could see it. I felt like the roles were reversed from about 3 years ago! Then I tried it with A, which was a little more difficult-she's not as willing to give up her ice cream-and it was the same with her! It was my own little experiment.

Oh how the roles get reversed! Has this happened to you?

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