Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eating Our Way Through Chicago

So it didn't start out this taking pictures of everything we ate on our trip to Chicago...but that's kind of what it turned into. So, after much good food, here it is-
Our first stop was to find a place to eat lunch, so we found our way (by chance) to Giordanos. This was a recommendation from a friend, so I was glad we had found it when we decided to go there. It was also because it was the first place we found after leaving our hotel!

Our next food stop was Ghiradelli for some ice cream. Are you surprised? I think not! I got the chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate fudge and chocolate chips. Yup. All chocolate. It was the best.
Dinner took us to Adobos (thanks Lisa!), which I wrote about in the last post. Mexican which was great! We also went to The Fudge Pot and got some chocolate. It was this cute little chocolate place that had chocolate in all shapes. I just couldn't resist! These restaurants were in Old Town which is a very cute urban neighborhood. Definitely a place J & I loved being.

Sunday was brunch at the Grand Lux Cafe. We had these unbelievable beignets, which were new to me. I love my husband for the fact that he referenced "The Princess & the Frog" movie when talking about where he had hear that word before. Beignets are a donut-type pastries that come with dipping sauces. We had a custard sauce, syrup, strawberries, sugar and chocolate. Delicious!!

Of course we made our way back to Ghiradelli for more ice cream. Enough said.

Joe's Stone Crab was another recommendation from our friend Em.We didn't go all out for dinner, but if we would have, I'm sure we would have loved it! Instead we went for the appetizer/sandwich route and had wonderful peanut butter pie!

After 2 days of constant eating, we needed to take a minute in the morning on Monday to give our stomachs a break, so we went for Jamba Juice. Tasty.

Our final meal in Chicago was at Gino's East. J had eaten there before with the boys, so we decided to try it. I liked it, but likes Giordanos better. It was the crust-but still good!

And that was it for in the city! We had a great time eating and trying to get to many of the places people recommended, so thanks! And when I mean "in the city," well...we were delayed by 3 hours getting home, so there was some McDonalds to be had at the airport, but that doesn't really count in my mind.
If you are going to Chicago any time soon, hopefully you can try some of the places we liked on our trip!


  1. Yum! It looks like you had a delicious time, ha!

  2. I photographed our way through the state fair one year, so I completely understand the appeal of taking pictures of food. Until you look back at all the pictures and wonder "did I really eat all that food?"