Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy 3 1/2 Birthday to my sweets! A & C are 3 1/2 today (thanks, Mamma Jo!)! I didn't even realize it until my mom pointed that out. I can't believe they are half way to 4. That is a little scary to me. Time just doesn't slow down. I feel like it's such a cliche to say that because it's something people said to you as a kid. "Oh, you just wait! Time goes so fast when you're a parent. Before you know it they'll be grown up!" Ok, so maybe that is true. All of the adults that said that to me can say, "We told you so!"
C didn't have such a stellar half birthday. Mamma Jo was here for the day and C just woke up with the stridor breathing/cough that goes with croup. I hate it when kids are sick! And why is it that one of the 3 times ever, since the kids were born, when I call the nurses' emergency line, do I end up with Patty Personality? I mean really...maybe people call for nonsense things, but I have concerns with my son's breathing and you're talking down to me?! Ugh. Frustration. I guess here's to waking up a few times during the night with C just to make sure he's ok. Or I guess, here's to not waking up! Maybe that will be the case...just feel better Big Guy!
Happy 3 1/2 Birthday A & C!

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