Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was very fun this year! If I sound like I'm surprised, it's because I am...a little! Usually New Year's Eve has this big build up to be a huge evening full of fun, and it ends up being just another night. Ever since I've been with J I'm pretty sure I've spent every New Year's Eve with him. It's great! But, usually there's not a lot that's out of the ordinary. This year was different!
We went up to the cabin! We've never been up to the cabin to stay overnight during the winter. Since our cabin is "closed" without water, it makes things a little difficult. But, our new cabin neighbors Scott and Kristin :) let us use their place (Thanks!). The kids loved it. Of course they were too excited to go sledding to fall asleep for a nap, so they amused themselves by singing songs from school and tossing their animals back and forth between each other. Then it was time for sledding!
We haven't taken the kids sledding since they've been old enough to remember. It was very exciting for them to try. We started out going down the hill with them, and then they became brave enough to try it on their own!
A was the first try it by herself. She smiled the whole way down! Then C tried it and he had a blast too. We took turns going down the hill with them or on our own. Have you been sledding lately? It's so much fun! I loved it and decided that our next winter purchase is for J and I to have our own sleds! We had lots of fun with Matt, David and Erin. They enjoyed sledding with the kids too. We also went out on the lake, which A & C were really unsure of. They didn't want to go on the lake at first. I don't think they understood that it was ok to walk on since it was frozen! Once they figured it out, they loved it! After outside it was time for progressive appetizers around the lake. We went to 4 different houses eating things like chicken wings, fondue, ice cream (adult style), dips and dessert. It was great! It was very easy, even with all of the kids around. Have I mentioned there were 11 kids there? Yes, 11. And everyone did great! Our kids made it until 11:00, which is the latest they've been up; ever! J and I had a great time and are pretty sure we've started a new New Year's Eve tradition. Thanks to all who made it a great night. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone now, instead of waiting until the ice goes off the lake. When is that by the way...?


  1. Too much fun!! (And you got bangs again!! cute). Our New Year's was pretty mellow...we were at the cabin too - but my dad and my brother's girlfriend fell asleep and we had to wake them up at 11:30! Between the 6 people (ok, 1 pregnant) we only finished a bottle and a half of champagne. Hopefully that will be different next year :) Can't wait to see you - what are you doing next week? Thurs after school maybe?

  2. What a cute pic of us! Hope to do it again next year w/ you guys!