Friday, January 22, 2010

Ice Cream

Ice cream...I thought I would post some thoughts about one of the best foods ever created...
If you know me at all, you know I love ice cream. Wait. That's an understatement. I LOVE ice cream! Do you understand better now? Some people say they love ice cream, but they're not true ice cream lovers. For example, I went to school in a colder place than where I live now and they had a walk-up Dairy Queen (smaller town than here, too). I remember walking from my dorm, about 15 minutes, in the snow just to get my ice cream. There was a Tastee Freez there too...I did the same thing with that place too (only we had to drive because it was too far to walk). I'm pretty sure that on some days I was their only customer. Is that possible? Not sure, but it seemed like it!
Look at this picture you see it? Really-can you even see the ice cream? Well, that could be because I usually cover my ice cream completely in chocolate so you can't see the ice cream from the top. I just saw a very dear friend whom I hadn't seen in about 6 years and she said to her fiance, "No really, K has covered her chocolate ice cream with even more chocolate!" Yup-that's me! And, if there is the option for more chocolate toppings-M & M's, cookies-you get the idea-I'm always up for that, too!
Are you wondering if our kids have followed in my footsteps? Well, they have for the most part! C is my ice cream eating buddy when it comes to speed (not that I encourage speed eating of ice cream at all). A shares my love of ice cream at any moment. Both of them have a little bit of J in them because they both like strawberry and other kinds of ice cream that wouldn't be my first choice. It seems as though it's a summer treat for them, because I don't often find myself offering it to them during these cold months.
What do you like on your ice cream? What is your favorite combination? I'm open to trying new things, I think. We'll see if anyone comes up with anything I would try! Here's to eating ice cream while it's snowing/freezing drizzling/whatever this is called outside!

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