Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marlin III and Nemo

So we're having trouble with fish in our house. Did I mention that before? Oh yes, that's right, I did. Just go here or here to read about the previous fish we've had in our house.
Well, since my last fish story (really, it is true!), we've gone through another Marlin, and now have Nemo. I did show the last Marlin to the kids and told them we were going to get a new fish. Charlie decided that this fish should be Nemo. Maybe he thought there was something with the name. I don't blame him!
Well, for all of you "fish people," you probably know you're supposed to float your fish on the top of the new water to get the fish acclimated with the temperature. Hmm...yup, we're not fish people in the house and failed to do that with the first three fish. So, lesson learned. We went to our local fish shop-yes, local as in just down the street, has been there forever-and got a new Beta. So far so good, but I should probably knock on wood before I speak too soon. We've changed the water twice and he's doing pretty well!
So here's to Nemo...our fourth fish within a week. Live little Nemo! Live!

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