Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For you, Mama!

Those are the words I heard yesterday as I walked in the door from school. A had picked me her first flowers while outside at school. Yes, lovely yellow, shrivelled dandelions were deposited in my hand as I looked at a beaming 4 year old little girl. As I held out my hand and looked at her, I can only imagine how proud she was to give them to me.

I remember being a kid and finding those pretty yellow flowers and picking a whole bouquet for my mom, handing them to her with the same beaming smile as A had yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's one of those rights-of-passage as a child. Doesn't every kid pick "flowers" for their mom or dad?

This is the first time I can remember that she's done that for me. I know it's a small memory, but one that I'll always remember. Has your child given you any "flowers" lately?


  1. Yes, I think dandelion bouquets are a given in childhood. What a sweet heart A is.

  2. A nice memory, for all of us. How much pleasure those dandelions give!

  3. It is so special when you get those thoughtful bouquets. My son got me a mini vase so that I could keep them alive longer. It sits on my window sill at all times to remind me of those dandelion gifts.