Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaves and a Friend

Playing in the leaves never gets old. Especially when you're 5 years old. any age. Today was a play-in-the-leaves sort of day. You would never know it by the 80 degree temperature. Yes, 80 degrees on October 8th. That hardly ever happens here. Especially for 6 consecutive days. Either way, it was a good day to rake 1. because the yard was completely covered and 2. because it was a really nice day!

Playing in the leaves is twice as much fun when you have a best friend to do it with. That's just what happened yesterday. See this friend is the son of some long time friends, and C had been asking and asking when Connor could come over. Well, yesterday was it and they had a blast! Leaves, coloring, playing at the park-we did it all and wore them out! I know they all slept well last night. Thanks for playing on this beautiful (warm) fall day!
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