Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The last one of the year

It's always bittersweet to go to the cabin that last time before we "close" it. One last sleepover. One last fire. One last ski (for my dad!). One last boat ride. One last fire. There are always those last things we do. This weekend was no different.

We are so very lucky to have a place like the cabin to go to most weekends during the summer. We spend A LOT of time there as a family. The funny thing about it is that J and I didn't really understand or know how much we loved it until we had the kids. I mean we can say we did, but really, I don't know that we did. There is no other place we would rather be on a gorgeous summer weekend. Sure, we miss things along the way-gatherings, concerts, sporting events-but I'm sure we were enjoying a sunset, taking one last tube run, roasting marshmallows or swatting bugs (ok, that last one isn't so fun, but...).

As it was again this weekend, enjoying one last boat ride. Driving the boat one last time. Catching bugs (or seagulls?!) one last time. Eating snacks one last time. Showing smiles one last time. Feeling the breeze one last time. Being at the cabin one last time!

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