Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Are you afraid of...

I'm not. But only because they're mine. We got crafty at the cabin this weekend. It was a little rainy and a bit brisk so Mamma decided to get crafty. "Mamma, can you cut some holes out for me?" "Sure, what are you going to be?" "A ghost." That turned into a bunch of white paper that was about to be taped together. Instead, out came the paper bags.
I love that it is the simple things that can bring so much joy to kids. A & C were so very excited to get those paper bags on. Then the "oooOOOooo's" came out. (Imagine that going from quiet to loud and quiet again.) They were giddy to surprise Papa and Daddy with their scary masks. They each waited for the other to finish.
And then,
the ghosts were loose! Beware!


  1. What an amazing photo-story! You captured your time just perfectly. Have your "ghosts" seen themselves yet?


  2. Wonderful to see the pics, too. I miss doing that with my own, who are grown now. What fun they, and you, had. Happy Halloween!

  3. Funny - I wrote about "simple things" too - but it isn't just what they were doing that brought so much joy - I'm sure it was the company and love too!