Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Fun

Today was a day for family. We need those every now and then. Although it was a full day, it was a fun day, and I love every single second of it.
The day began with a little soccer, YMCA style. The kids love it and they are SO much better than they were last year. I love watching them with their friend, Audrey, who is the best cheerleader for A & C. "Turn it, C, turn it!" "Go A, good try!"
C scored a goal from about 10 feet away on the left side of the goal. A almost had a goal 2 different times. Of course A loved the water breaks, but they have been less and less as they've been better at playing and enjoying the game.

Next it was on to smoothies, outside time at home, a little VeggieTales and more play time. We had a big night planned for everyone, too.

We went to Edina Grill for dinner-one of our favorite places to eat. I love places that are kid-friendly. Here they split the kids' meal (they shared) for us and I'm pretty sure it was the same as what one meal would have been by itself. The kids were great at the restaurant, which also helps! Then it was on to the theater!
We went to the Children's Theater tonight for a show we all loved: "Mercy Watson to the Rescue!" If you don't know the story of Mercy Watson, you should really read one of the books. Mercy is a pig who loves toast! When we had intermission, we had some snacks and there were cookies in the shape of toast!
The stage also looked like toast, which C noticed right away.
I love taking the kids to live theater shows. The laughter that comes from them along with the questions or out-loud comments (right in the middle of the show) are what make the show for me. Too funny.
We had a great day today. Even though we were super busy (which you know I secretly love), we all loved it. It was a perfect family day. And we're all perfectly exhausted!

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