Thursday, September 29, 2011


The best time of day, don't you think? Tonight was a night full of snuggles. First I got A, who jumped into my arms and wrapped her arms around me, head laying on my shoulder. Next was stories which included A sitting on my lap, holding my arms.

After J was done with stories then it was C's turn. I started scratching his back and soon enough he was in my lap, back of his shirt up, ready for back scratches. He is just a sack of potatoes when he's having his back scratched. Then it's his turn to brush teeth and go to the bathroom, and he says, "But I wasn't done with my snuggles with Mommy yet!" and gets teary-eyed. Clearly he was tired! But I loved what he said.

You know those moments during the day when you've had enough? Like ENOUGH? Yeah, I do too. I'm pretty sure everyone has those moments at least once a day. Well, moments like tonight-with all of the snuggles-definitely off-set the "I've had enough" moments. I'm glad snuggles still happen. I hope they keep happening, which I love! Keep 'em coming!

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