Wednesday, September 14, 2011


** house really isn't usually this crazy, I'm just trying to organize. Please do not judge!**
How much do you have? I have a lot. As I'm finding out tonight, when I really should be in bed instead. See there are kids to teach tomorrow, but I also have a deadline to enter things into a database for this awesome kids sale that will be on Saturday. As I'm doing this I realize just how much STUFF we have. And this isn't even my stuff or J's stuff. It's all from the kids! Crazy!
I always say we're lucky that their birthdays are in the summer with Christmas in the winter. That's because (at least) twice a year I we go through toys to see what they play with or don't play with. Then I get to sell them or donate them and we get rid of our kids' stuff. Stuff.
My thoughts for tonight on stuff. How much stuff do you have?

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  1. If u have any toy story stuff u want to get rid of I have a little boy that would take it off ur hands!!! have fun cleaning!