Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are we crazy?

Yes. That's what I've decided. We are crazy because we're trying to plan a trip to Disney for next summer and I'm already dreaming about it. That's how I decided I'm crazy. Notice how I said "I'm crazy" as I'm writing this? It's because I don't know that J will ever be grouped into the crazy category with me as we plan the trip. We'll see...

So far I'm a bit overwhelmed with the hotel choices. The thought of waiting in line for rides with our kids makes me wonder a bit. I know others have done it and many people go to Disney when their kids are 1 or 2, so us going when the kids are 5 doesn't seem so bad.

I just had to document these early planning days so that next summer when I really am frantic in planning, I'll know how it all started...planning a trip for our family, my parents and J's parents. It will be great!!! And I can hardly wait for it to come-no matter how crazy it drives me!

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