Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A day with Daddy!

I love my husband. Have I mentioned that before? I do...I love him so much! We have been married 9 years and have loved every second of it (I think...)!

I not only love him as a husband, but I also love him as a daddy. There was a day in September when I was getting ready for the sale, and he took the kids for the whole day to do a "Day with Daddy."

They started out Bachman's where there was a little fall festival happening. They had make your own scarecrow. Poor J, his allergies really acted up as the 3 of them took the hay and stuffed the scarecrow. The head got a little big, but that's the way A & C wanted it! Here they are with their scary scarecrow faces!They decorated paper apples for a fall tree at the store. There was a corn maze to go through. The kids had a chance to do pumpkin bowling. They also got to ride little tractors.
Then it was off to the apple orchard. This is the same orchard that we have visited every year, as you can see... Were we really THAT tired when they were 2 months old??? And yes, we did put her in a basket, and no, she didn't like it!!! Here they are at about 15 months... And then at 2 years old. We missed last year-Back to this year...They picked yummy Honeycrisp apples (my favorite!), went on a little tractor ride, climbed a huge pile of hay and went through a hedge maze. Daddy was the star that day! Not just for taking them to all of those places, but just for being the kind of daddy that loves to be with his kids and spend time with them. I know dads are supposed to be that way...but I also know they're not always that way. Thank you, J, for being the kind of dad that our kids love, and me too!

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