Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are they going to throw candy?

Yes, we were at another parade. Perhaps you remember this post about a parade from earlier in the summer. In case you don't, the jist of it is this: I love parades! And, I have passed this love to my kids. Not so much to J, but he goes along for the ride because he loves us. At least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway, this parade was the homecoming parade. We went with some friends to see the band, the clubs from the high school and the homecoming court. One of our babysitters was on the court, so the kids loved seeing her!

There were pom-poms to cheer with and yes, there was candy to be eaten. That was the biggest concern with our kids. We had some tears by C with the first handful of candy thrown because he didn't get any. They were the kind of tears you try not to smile at because he's trying so hard NOT to cry (maybe it's a boy thing?), and then the tears come out like alligator tears. Oh Buddy! But, never fear, the "big kids" around him helped him out and he got plenty of candy in the end.
Oh-and did I say there were cheerleaders in the parade too? This was by far A's favorite part. Can you tell?
I love being around a community that still has this tradition of having a homecoming parade. It makes it feel so small-town, even though we live in such a big area. We have definitely made the parade a tradition with our family.

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