Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Today is Halloween...I hope you had a great day! It's always nice when it lands on a weekend because I feel like the day isn't so rushed. We still had a full day, that's for sure! We carved all 4 of our jack 'o lanterns this afternoon. We headed to the zoo for the first time during Halloween do do trick-or-treating during Hall-ZOO-ween. We even saved time for trick-or-treating on our block when we got back! It was a very full day, but the kids did great!

Last year things were a little different. It's funny because when I went back to read about it I thought to myself, "Wow! I really downplayed just how hard trick-or-treating was last year!" That's about all I do remember from last year-meltdown after meltdown by C. This year was definitely different. We went during the members only time today which made things a bit less crowded. We still had to wait, but there were tables every so often with "treats." It was nice that they didn't give out only candy-we had enough of that already before today! We met our friends there-A & C were happy to have their friend Connor there.

After the zoo we came back home and went up and down our street. My parents were at our house and stayed to pass out candy-thanks! They kept track of the kids we had at our house-something they did when I was a kid-and I think we had about 50 kids! That is many more than we had in the past. The kids loved going on our street (of course) and called it their "real" trick-or treating. We were on the later side of trick-or-treating so many of the houses we went to gave the kids more than one or two pieces of candy. A was in heaven at the homes where she got to pick (as many as she wanted...). It was a much more calm experience than last year. I hope it keeps going like this as they get older! Before we know it, as J said, "In a few years they'll be running all around with their friends, not really needing us like they do now!" I just hope that doesn't come too soon.

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