Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you remember the first rainbow you saw? Nope. Neither do I. Of course the kids know a lot about rainbows. They've read books about them. They've seen pictures of them. They know the colors in them. Rainbows are things most kids know about. But, have they actually seen one? Well, ours hadn't until this past weekend.
Yup. This was it! We had a rain shower move through while we were at the cabin. It was short and sweet and the rain rained while the sun shined. I thought "Hmmm...I bet there's a rainbow out there!" Sure enough. So I called the kids over to see it. They loved it! They were amazed (it seemed) that they could really see all of the colors. I loved hearing their reactions!

Just today C said, "Hey Mommy! Remember that big rainbow we saw? Wasn't that neat?" I love that a simple thing like a rainbow can bring such joy to a child.

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