Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When it's finally warm

we finally get to go outside! Hooray!
First we did a little playing outside on Saturday. It was so warm! I cannot remember the last day we had like that where I didn't feel like I had to be completely bundled. The kids had fun climbing on the snow pile in the driveway and enjoyed making brand-new footprints in the snow.
They even made their own mini snowman. We decided it was an OSU (for you, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Nick!) snowman with his orange hat and black scarf. It has been so warm over the last 2 days, though, that it melted so much today that it toppled over! Mamma and Papa even stayed for a while after taking A & C to a movie in the afternoon. It was so nice to have some fresh air!
Saturday we went to my cousin's house to do some snow tubing. It was so fun! Last year we went and it was VERY slick, but this time it was much better.
First J helped the kids make a snowman. I'm sure that one will be close to melting, too, just like the other one we made. They named it Frosty. Then it was over to the hill to do some tubing.
Last year I didn't fair so well. I ended up off my tube, about 3 feet in the air, with a huge bruise on my back. This time was so much fun, I went up and down the hill quite a few times! C was my tubing partner while J stuck with the girls. A went down by herself a few times and the last 2 times C went by himself too! I was a bit surprised about him, being the more cautious of the two, but not surprised in the least that A would try it by herself. After an hour and a half of up and down the hill, this is how we felt...
We all needed a little rest! The tow rope was broken so we had quite a hike from the bottom by the lake back up the hill. I even got C and I going down the hill on video!

Untitled from Kim on Vimeo.
Thanks, Jen, for having us. The kids (and J and I) had a blast! It was a great weekend to be outside! It should be the same for the rest of the week, too! Now if only winter would stay away for the next little while, things would be great. But of course I am preparing myself for the fact that we will get more snow. I guess it's just the nature of living where we do!

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